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Title: The Morning Light
Fandom: The Station Agent
Characters: Fin, Joe, Olivia
Notes: For exeterlinden in Yuletide 2011. Read here or on AO3

On the best evenings, they would forget to turn on the lights )
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Title: Quite a new thing
Fandom: Bridesmaids
Pairing: Becca/Rita
Author: [personal profile] marginalia, skirmishes against the author
Notes: For [ profile] bonmot507 in [community profile] femslash11. I own nothing, title from ee cummings.

1100 )
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anyone out here on google plus that i haven't connected with yet?

i'd love to have a proper fandom circle over there, since i utterly fail at lj/dw these days. i want to talk about harry potter & femslash & stuff!

i am here.



Jun. 4th, 2011 02:48 am
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apparently i am the only person who saw x men & thought this potentially spoilery, definitely ridiculous thing )

in other news, i am 25 movies into the film festival, next year i'm going to work box office as a cunning ploy to score a staff badge (PRESS SCREENINGS, GUYS), & i really do not want to go back to work in a little over a week. DO NOT APPROVE. but that's another entry for another day.
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Title: Dream a Highway
Fandom: Pancho & Lefty
Notes: Written for sionnain for yuletide. Beta by dorrie6 & title from the incomparable Gillian Welch, whose gorgeous cover of "Pancho & Lefty" introduced me to Townes in the first place. Here on AO3.

Lefty had dreamed of the West since before he could remember, and when he wasn't dreaming he was fretting that all the adventures were happening without him, the bright big world stretching from the dirt road on the edge of their small farm all the way down to Mexico. )


Nov. 24th, 2010 03:47 pm
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Dear Yuletide writer! I am very sorry that I didn't have anything up before assignments went out! I have a lot of actually decent reasons for that & for this delay, but let's just agree that I suck and move on. I hope that you check back, or if not, that it having a letter didn't matter to you much anyway.

I write the same letter every year, more or less. I love all of these worlds & all of these characters, when I say gen is perfectly okay I mean it. There isn't enough gen fic, particularly about awesome ladies, so if that works for you, go for it.

All of my fandoms this year exist in other versions (film, graphic novels, history obviously), but I haven't read the graphic novels for RED or K-20, and I am under the impression that they are quite different from the films? Dunno. That doesn't mean if you know them you can't use them; it just means that if you rely on alternate canon I might be confused.

I like angst & banter & friendships & duty & loyalty & character studies & hijinks. Sex isn't a requirement, though I am certainly not opposed. I read other people's offer letters and I think... do I really have to specify that I do not want all of those things? I do not want to be this year's bondage Care Bear fic.

Though, I really want you to write something that you will enjoy & that's true to the characters & universes. That's the most important thing.


Nov. 15th, 2010 01:24 pm
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i write twice a year these days. i do yuletide & femslash & that is it. i also only read lj/dw once a week, and "read" is a generous descriptor. so today i can see that there is Shit Going Down in yuletide but... for me? 90% of the point of yuletide is being forced to write in a wee fandom i would not have tackled otherwise.

i liked reading okay, but i hated the experience of reading on ao3 last year, so i've already given up on that. the community never meant anything at all; i nominate stuff some years, but that's it. i just want a prompt and a deadline. so i'm still participating this year. please don't be mad.

in other news, i feel a third post coming to the film blog about Why I Hated The Social Network And Everything It Stands For. so, feel free to get excited about that.

and now i'm going to go put together a tumblr queue. wooyay.
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Title: Two irregular stones
Fandom: Deadwood
Pairing: Jane/Joanie
Rating: PG
Word count: 1075
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my Deadwood box set. It is fuckin' pretty, though.
Warnings: Mmm. Suicidal tendencies & public drunkenness, I suppose, both of which are fuckin' canon.
Notes: Thanks to M&S for the readthrough, as always! Anything remaining issues are all me, baby. Title taken ridiculously out of context from "Stepping Backward", by Adrienne Rich. Like you do. For [personal profile] jae_w in [community profile] femslash10

Because we know each other, crack and flaw, / Like two irregular stones that fit together )


Aug. 3rd, 2010 02:37 pm
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i saw it the week before it came out, and it never occurred to me anyone would be fannish about it. i was just worried it would crash and burn at the box office. also i was relieved that it didn't suck like shutter island did. so out of touch am i. white boys in suits. of *course* fandom will want to see them make out.

but, if anyone could point me in the direction of some genfic about mal, that would be most awesome. i want to know her story, not cobb telling her story. i suppose that's Yet Another Thing on the list of Stuff Wot I Got To Do Myself.

...anyway. it's a busy summer. the film festival, the folk festival, work craziness, etc etc. i am still checking in here every few days, but in general i am more likely to be found on twitter & tumblr as they are more suited to my smartphone-only lifestyle. or my short attention span. or both.

that is all.

ps i am actually kind of sad that i missed neville's 30th birthday over here. i had intended to at least link a few stories. but i failed. sorry neville! i still love you!

[oh hai]

Jun. 14th, 2010 04:36 pm
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i could see three to four open networks during my siffcation, and none of them actually delivered any intarwebs. i think that is just mean. but whatever. i am back now. i saw 38 movies. i am not going to even pretend to catch up here or on lj.

while i was off i finished watching all of "press gang", the steven moffat late 80s/early 90s show about a teen newspaper and spoilers for an ancient show i suspect none of you watched or will watch )
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i had a moment on saturday night, during a club scene in the sold-out late show of holy rollers, where i thought: "this movie is awesome. and tomorrow morning i am seeing a Secret movie with one friend. and then i am going to on the town (TWICE AS GAY AS ANCHORS AWEIGH) with another."

and life was perfect.

twitter is the best place to keep up with my siff, and you know you want to. it'll have links to Actual Entries at the film blog, plus all the other tweet-sized things.



May. 11th, 2010 02:56 pm
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my obligatory siff post! the schedule is up here, so people should look and tell me things i cannot miss. i am actually taking two weeks off for the festival this year, though i do plan to spend a chunk of that volunteering (& thus earning film vouchers.) it wrong that the thing i am possibly most excited about is on the town? TWICE AS GAY AS ANCHORS AWEIGH! also the secret festival, sing-along grease, and 30 other films i circled on my first pass through the guide.

actual film reactions will be on twitter & the film blog, as usual., i really need to invest in some more icons around here.
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...the better-late-than-never edition. hey, i said i failed at the internet.

this got epic )

[dw ftw]

Apr. 27th, 2010 06:29 pm
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okay, to be honest i am a little confused about this whole 3 weeks for dw thing, but it does seem like a better than average opportunity to say HAY DW I AM NOT DEAD.

i know. it's pretty hard to tell. i am slightly alive on twitter & tumblr, but not on anything which requires a great deal of thought. or time, since, you know, i generally only have at-work internet. but if we should be friends in either of those places, plz to be letting me know. i heart attention as much as the rest of the internet.

the issue with me over here is that this is my fannish box, and i haven't been in a fannish mood of late. it rather blows. and so i'm not sure what to put in here. i could talk about what tv i'm watching or what tv i broke up with or how excited i am about the film festival or maybe something about knitting or what movies i hated the most recently or maybe a more strengths-based perspective on movies i have loved or whatever.

but if no one is here, there's not so much of a point.

are you here?


Jan. 23rd, 2010 11:18 am
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[personal profile] musesfool posted looking for prompts for [ profile] halfamoon prompts, and i think that is a darned nifty idea. it would be nice to write a little this year ever, writing about the ladies is awesome, i'm off work next week too and should do something other than knit a sock yarn blanket & watch "rome", so... pls to be suggesting female characters and/or prompt-like things and we'll see if anything sticks.

[ profile] halfamoon guidelines live here

fandoms... everything i've written in before is tagged, but there's tons i've never written in but would like to, so just go for it. film, tv, books, whatever. or just drop general prompts, since i have some ladies in mind already. help?

really, i would be most stoked if i could manage drabbles for half the days, and link archival lady!fic alternating. that would be Success for me.
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christmas was very hard, part of which was my fault & most of which wasn't, but i'm online at the library now and finally got the opportunity to read my lovely yuletide story, to put it right, a story in "kingdom".

which, kids, if you haven't seen this show you should seek it out, because it is just fabulous, total comfort television for me, and this story gets all the details of market shipborough lovingly right.

i'm a little intimidated by the rest of the archive, as usual. meep! maybe i need to procure a coffee the size of my head and try again.

eta or... okay. why can't i figure out how to filter the whole collection and not just the first 1000 stories? clearly i am too stupid to live. *kicks things* if i were smart, i would give up on reading anything and work on a NYR fic for that prompt i am obsessed with instead.

eta 2 the DW community had the by-fandom link, which i will share here in case i'm not the only person too inept to find it on their own. and also so i'll be able to find it from work. though if anyone can tell me how to hide fandoms i'm not interested in, that would be awesome.

right now the archive feels like it's gone waaaay down in manageability. between not being able to cull those fandoms plus the fact that the links don't change color post clicking... i kind of just want to run away from the whole thing. help. am running away from the whole thing.
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i should just tag this thing and have done with it, since i basically say the same thing for every ficathon.

dear [community profile] yuletide author!

blah blah blah )

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