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Ficlet: Three Lies of the Silver Screen - Hiro/Ando (Heroes)

[Three Lies of the Silver Screen] - Hiro/Ando
:: PG. another for the zombiepocalypse weekend.

They've seen all the movies -- Ando still has some of them on his iPod -- but it's so different. It's not that they're not prepared; it's that they're over-prepared. They know all the rules, but the world isn't following them.

The world can be annoying that way.

First, it happens slower. They didn't wake up to a whole new city of horror. Hiro isn't wondering if it would have been better to have been bitten, and Ando doesn't have to decide if he needs to chop Hiro's head off. They're still just them, and they know it in the same way that they know Nathan Petrelli isn't himself anymore and to not get too close to certain store clerks. "Keep the change" is becoming a mantra.

Second, they can get away. Being trapped and vulnerable is the key to the horror. It doesn't work when half of your team has power over time and space. Just because they can get away, though, doesn't mean they will. "Heroes don't run," Hiro says, and Ando doesn't know why. He wasn't arguing. They came here to save the world, and no one promised that the threat wouldn't shift. Either way, brains are going missing and it's up to them to stop it.

Finally, neither of them are wearing a red shirt. They have a samurai sword, their intact brains, and each other. They'll make it through. They'll stop Sylar, they'll kill the zombies, and they'll save the world. Together.

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awesome. :D

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i want a show that is just hiro & ando saving the world ;0

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I would totally watch that.

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So much love for this. You have no idea.

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aw, thank you!

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Either way, brains are going missing and it's up to them to stop it.

That made me laugh out loud. I think I scared the dog.

Dude. Dude. Dude. This is SO GREAT. It is so exactly right, exactly Ando, exactly their world.

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oh the poor dog!

thank you :D
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Too adorable. And appropriately creepy!

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thank you :)

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I think Sylar is a zombie.

Love the Trek reference there, though I'm sure that's a connection that Hiro will make, not Ando.

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i agree!

(honestly, i had to reread it three times to figure out what the trek reference -was-, since i have never watched the show. clearly it's moved past trek!)