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disagree (1) ([personal profile] marginalia) wrote2010-02-01 09:37 pm

Drabble: Nothing Called Home, Tyra, FNL

Drabble: Nothing Called Home
Tyra, "Friday Night Lights", [ profile] halfamoon.


At least once a week, Tyra picks up the phone. Sometimes she manages the area code, sometimes a few digits more. Sometimes she doesn't dial anything at all.

Sometimes she calls her mother, who's ready with a monologue on the town, on Mindy, on the baby, on how Billy's working day and night, on how they're all so lucky. Tyra's grateful for the distance; she doesn't have to make her face say something she can't believe.

On hard days, she touches a slip of paper. She doesn't have to see the number, let alone call it. Just knowing it's there is enough.

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