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:: feeling tookish: reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture

::where the boys go with boys and the girls with girls

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Name:disagree (1)
Birthdate:Jan 25
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Website:skirmishes against the author
:: motto: "you can't cut the throat of every cocksucker whose character it would improve."

:: the be all and end all of dear author letters

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23 meteor street, 28 barbary lane, adrienne the macbook, alan davies's curls, albino boyfriends, angsty little hobbits, are my interests illegal?, atheist nunnery and circus, being an evil minion, big gay boat movie, bosnian lesbian pirate cult, callum keith rennie's mouth, canadian celebrity makeout hour, character alchemy, coding html in notepad, communism as red herring, conquering idaho, constant crafting, cosanostra pizza university, crazy space incest, danny/casey, dave carter, david levithan, david sedaris, dom/oz, don mckellar, drinking too much coffee, drinking your milkshake, duck/dan, eggnog lattes, enjoying the sushi, fandom infidelity, fangirling obscure canadians, fat charlie's lime, flaming anvil guy, free speech, friday night lights, frodo! with slashing action, fry & laurie, george clooney (sigh), giving alan davies points, gollum impressions, haldir lives, hating mumblecore, high school libraries, hiro/ando, hobbit death porn, holtzmann the ipod., hugses, jacket potatoes, kexp, kino no tabi, kissing is girly, magical crossdimensional coffee shops, mah wee ratties, marauder rhombus, meta, metadata, misquoting much ado, monorail espresso, neils-finn-and-hannon, neville longbottom, not being a geek, not wearing pants, npr slash, original hollywood otp, own unique oddities, parseltongue harry, peter mulvey, pineapple almond cookies, pirates! arrrrrr!, poutine, raging librarians, ravelry, ray kowalski, rayk/fraser, remus lupin, remus/sirius, richard iii, rumpled ron weasley, sam tyler, seattle international film festival, sexuality, shameless cher love, short form writing, slashing obscure fandoms, spebsqsa, star wars disco, stephen's banyan, strong words, the cube guy, the decemberists, the semicolon, the stranger's public intern, threadless tshirts, tony leung's eyes, too many britcoms, touchy touchy boy love, wee french maids
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