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[Transfigured] - Minerva McGonagall, Stephen Maturin
Off of a prompt from here. Someone else can figure out how she got there in the first place.

270 words )
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i am Not Here. but i did finish this a few days ago, and i can't pass up the chance to post it. *flails at wifi* also, omg i need a steve icon.

title: new york renaissance
characters: steve & danny. or steve/danny. it's up to you.
fandoms: sex and the city, sports night
notes: by request for [ profile] shinyredtype's birthday, prompts were a bottle of gin and a mechanical bull. pre-canon in a way that should be obvious. (for the chronologically anal, sn began 9/98 and satc began 6/98, but steve didn't show up until mid season 2.) this isn't quite what i thought it would be, so i hope you still like it :) written offline.

just over 500 words )
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[and, like, whatever] - enid (ghost world) & casey (sports night) & elijah wood (duh)
it's been yonks (well, two weeks at least) since [ profile] fox1013 handed out assignments for the Slightly More than 24 Hours (Literal) Crack Crossover Challenge. it was a little more than slightly for me. but oh well. beware run-on sentences. also, i have no respect for actual timelines, especially when they get in the way of making me laugh. deal. there also might be tense issues, though i tried to catch them all.

crack fic. just over 500 words. )
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title: until tomorrow
pairing: vamp!willow/draco, vamp!xander/draco. nc-17
archive: .: marginalia :., [ profile] hpvamp once i get around to joining.
notes: btvs crossover. written for the [ profile] hpvamp bondage challenge. why? because i thought it would be fun. i was right. for [ profile] frulie and [ profile] purplkandigrrrl because of this. also? it's an overwritten crack-fic. deal. 1300+ words.

erm. this is pretty much just smut. i am going to post it quickly before i lose my nerve. )
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title: . . .and a bottle of butterbeer
pairing: harry/neville and, well, yeah.
archive: .: marginalia :.
disclaimer: i own nothing.
notes: by request for [ profile] shinyredtype's birthday. painfully late. blame mercury. or canada. or both.

this is a crackfic. it includes pirates. proceed with caution. )
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[shadow] - dom/draco for [ profile] ezzvaldez
i can't write draco without it being clichéd, i guess. and really, i'm nearly finished with those requests. *and the crowd goes wild*

Dom sees Draco, thinks with that hair he could be an elf. Someday he'll stop thinking in terms of Rings, but today is not that day. Night. Whatever. All he knows is that he's had plenty to drink and the boy is pretty. That's enough.

Draco's not having the best night, but he's damn good at pretending. He saw Dom ten minutes ago. Dom has an energy about him crossed with a melancholy left-behindness. Draco can definitely identify with that.

They won't exchange names. They won't kiss on the mouth. They'll lance poison from wounds, move on through the shadows.
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[last orders] - lister, seamus for [ profile] frulie
yes. that would be red dwarf and harry potter. prompt was curry. in related news, julie scares me a lot.

Seamus never ceases to be amazed at the stories one hears in a Muggle pub. The bloke next to him tells one about a mutant cat, and Seamus, duly impressed, buys him a pint. By the end of the evening they're inseparable, stumbling into the street arm in arm, searching for takeaway curry.

"Dave," the man introduces himself as they make their way up to his flat, but all the household charms in the world won't make that place suitable for wizard habitation, so Seamus Disapparates while Dave's in the loo, confident that alcohol consumption is an effective memory modifier.
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[perhaps] - gandalf, dumbledore for [ profile] meganberrieh

One would expect they'd have met earlier. At a convention for clones of Moses, perhaps, Moses crossed with Merlin plus a dash of St. Paul in the wilderness. Perhaps they might have met at a support group, Pipeweed Anonymous. Actually, you would expect they'd have met long before any of that, preventing the rising of one Dark Lord or another, details lost to history.

Perhaps it doesn't matter how they met at all, only that they did, and that now they can swap tricks of the trade and sherbet lemons, then watch the fireworks in companionable silence atop a hill.
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stuff wot i wrote for [ profile] tigannie_con (aka best virtual con evah, what with the drinking, the cloves, and the touchytouchy girl!love) crossposted mostly for [ profile] dorrie6. thanks to all who gave me great feedback over in the grab bag threads.

sirius/bellatrix. 150 words. )

xander/dom. 150 words )

harry/neville. 150 words. )

ron/draco. 137 words. ha! )
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[diamonds on the beds of his thumbnails] - harry/elijah for [ profile] ezzvaldez
this is officially the Latest Fic Ever. double drabble. slightly smutty for a change.

The whole dance floor is twisting and writhing )
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[satsumas] - dom/oz for [ profile] minervacat
verona beach christmas in july! prompt was oranges.

It doesn't feel quite like Christmas, but Dominic is used to that after New Zealand, seasons all upside down and backwards. Dominic has a gift for creating space for himself wherever, whenever, so when he gives all he has there is a place to come back to. He has help now; Oz is a scavenger, finding the little things, the magic.

Tonight Oz produces oranges like a magician, one in each palm, wrapped in red tissue paper crinkling. They take them down to the beach, curl together on the sand, flicking away the white bits, talking of everything and nothing.
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[second-hand toys] - vamp!willow/draco for [ profile] purplkandigrrrl
this is totally pandering and clichéd. which made it hella fun to write.

Willow watches him for a moment, tilts her head and runs one finger along his spine, cool touch on burning flesh. "Nice new puppy," she purrs. Draco does not shiver.

He is kneeling on the floor, perfectly still, arms chained, body a stylized Z. He is not marked; the Death Eaters make a point of taking excellent care of their possessions. He could release himself with a fluttering of his fingers, but he will not. He will wait forever if that is required.

"Very nice," she says, tugging him to his feet. "But we can break you a little more."
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[friends don't let friends eat at denny's] - Dom/Oz for [ profile] art_geek
prompt was beth's café. i don't know wtf happened to the concept of a drabble. the club is r place in tribute to boston pizza boy.

344 words. this is ridiculous. )
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[death is their gift] - tom ripley/tom riddle.
i . .have no idea. but, [ profile] dorrie6, this has got to be better than house elves/voldemort. though it doesn't fit either canon even remotely. oops.

They meet at the opera, naturally. They have much in common. They are both orphans. They appreciate the finer things. They are attempting to rise above their stations.

They have both killed, and yet, this is where they come apart.

Ripley reeks of regret, of humanity, of passion scarred over. These are the things that Riddle has no time for. Riddle speaks in hisses around Ripley's body. Ripley whispersings dreams and nightmares in his sleep, and Riddle's eyes are shuttered slits. A quick flash of light and Ripley is still.

Riddle's tongue curls around absurd language, blood purified in death.
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[knaves and thieves] - dom/oz, verona beach au. part one, i suspect.
so i was trying to figure out what to write next, because the bsc fic is in beta and the billy/dom remix makes me want to slit my wrists, and then i saw that it's [ profile] glossing's birthday. the first thing about gloss is she's amazing. the second thing about gloss is that thanks to her i am now really confused when people list giles/oz as a rare or odd pairing. theirloveissocanon . . isn’t it?

but i'm as intimidated as all hell to write -that-, and then this pair tapped me on the shoulder. and they -are- on my to-write list. fare thee well, guilt! so, now that the notes are longer than the story…also, i'm not actually back yet. *wavy hands*

gainst knaves and thieves men shut their gate / for the rain it raineth every day )
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wonder. harry potter/elijah wood
because why write something you -need- to write when you can do [ profile] 15minuteficlets instead?

210 words )
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title: riffraff
author: [ profile] jacito
archive: .: marginalia :.
pairing: dom/oz
disclaimer: i know no one, i own nothing. lies, all lies.
notes: for the free verse challenge. and for [ profile] crookedheart, who asked to hear the story of the boy with the wings. this is part of it. drabble series. the coffee shop is more or less messiah, because, why not.

To be nothing, and feel the wind / of the big trucks passing. / Debris: even the word / is beautiful. )
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title: alone together
archive: .: marginalia :.
pairing: elijah/harry
fandom: lotrips/hp crossover
notes: by request for [ profile] elwyna's birthday. i don't think this is quite what you intended, but it has [ profile] dorrie6 & [ profile] starfishchick's blessing, so i hope you enjoy it. (ps: [ profile] scaryemilie, i'm still working on yours. what i have so far scared the hell out of me, so i'm putting it away for a little while.)

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