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[Focus or a lack thereof] - Fraser/Kowalski
Another less-is-more thingy. For [ profile] starfishchick.

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[with the grain] – fraser (gen)
yeah, i'm surprised too. also, this is [ profile] starfishchick's fault.

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for better or worse, i finally finished the one-line fics, except for [ profile] coquere's request, which is showing signs of morphing into her (terribly late) birthday fic. my favorites were the remus/sirius and the buddy/duck, both of which i may have to revisit. and this one turned into an actual drabble, reposted here for archiving-purposes and without obligation.

[igluvigaq] - rayk/fraser

silly little igloo drabble )
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title: twirl you so sweetly 'round
pairing: rayk/fraser
author: [ profile] marginalia
archive: .: marginalia :.
disclaimer: i don't own anything except the computer i wrote this on. i don't even own the car i'm posting it -from-.
notes: for [ profile] freeversefic. when i got this poetry snippet i totally thought it was going to be an hp fic, but then due south happened to me. thanks to [ profile] pearl_o for giving in to my dS-less pouting, to [ profile] glossing for the encouragement, and jeffrey foucault for the soundtrack. i blame any errors on writing this offline. just over 850 words, which for me -is- a goddamned epic. finally, i'm sure this story's been told many times before, but not by me.

While hardly fit for bird calling, or orchards, the body requires correction, the borders defined. / See how easily one could slip outside of a story. Even through a locked door, quietly. )

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