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[and, like, whatever] - enid (ghost world) & casey (sports night) & elijah wood (duh)
it's been yonks (well, two weeks at least) since [ profile] fox1013 handed out assignments for the Slightly More than 24 Hours (Literal) Crack Crossover Challenge. it was a little more than slightly for me. but oh well. beware run-on sentences. also, i have no respect for actual timelines, especially when they get in the way of making me laugh. deal. there also might be tense issues, though i tried to catch them all.

crack fic. just over 500 words. )
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[untitled] - enid
ghost world, part of a futile attempt to catch up on [ profile] 12days. four calling birds.

Enid has thought of calling from every city. Sometimes she imagines Rebecca waiting for her, answering in mid-ring, but most of the time she knows that the ring will echo lonely in Rebecca's room.

The phone in the hostel says "No Long Distance", but Enid picks up the receiver anyway and listens to the dial tone until a boy with yellow dreadlocks asks her if she's nearly finished. Two months later she has a temporary office job, and she looks at the phone every day for a week but never dials.

The day after Rebecca's birthday, Enid sees a pay phone on a street corner with a poster advertising a long-passed concert pasted on the booth. She drops the change in the slot and dials quickly, before she can change her mind. She thinks of times that they called each other in the same moment, getting busy signal after busy signal.

No one answers.
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i really tried to make each drabble able to stand alone, though in our post-pointless drabble environment i probably shouldn't have bothered.

anyway. i'm actually really happy with it right now, which is really damned strange for me. melinda or steph in particular, if you see anything horrible let me know and i'll angst over how to fix it and still keep it in 100 words.

title: missives
archive: .: marginalia :., [ profile] femslash04
fandom: ghost world
pairing: rebecca/enid
disclaimer: i own nothing.
notes: for kaite, [ profile] femslash04. drabble series. i apologize for the delay; life got in the way. i can only hope that it was worth the wait.

( September was caramel apple sticky, all over heat, skin damp, sky dripping. )
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for [ profile] mcee's default icon challenge. icon being from lost in translation, but as it's just scarlett i'm jumping to ghost world.

and she thinks she'd still know, still feel enid if she came in, now, if she came into this bar rebecca would still feel her pulse across the years, across space.

she only thinks about enid when the setting is right. when she's alone in the crowd, posed and self aware. she knows now that enid had to go, that even she had to go, and it had to be in their own time.

so she's gone now, they're both gone, searching. for each other, themselves.

she wonders if enid found what she was looking for.

or if enid is lost.
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well, since i got the email, here goes -

title: words too small to say
fandom: ghost world
disclaimer: so totally not mine.
notes: for the iconography challenge. title, inspiration, etc thanks to peter mulvey. if you don't know who he is, forget reading this fic - go check him out. yes. thanks also to [ profile] dorrie6 for holding my hand through this. sorry i've spoiled the book/film for you, m'dear.

some days the world is far too delicate and her words refuse to cooperate  )

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