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[sunshine] - neville/seamus, if you squint, and i do.
a year ago i asked for drabble prompts. i never did any of them until today. this one's for [ profile] kiltsandlollies.

DH spoilers with a side of OotP movie canon )
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i am totally wearing crankypants today for a number of reasons, but i am going to try to ignore that for now in favor of fic. [ profile] twicetoldfandom has gone up here. there's no interface for feedback that i can see, though, so i'm crossposting all of it. for those unfamiliar with the ficathon, a number of authors were given the same image (mine is linked in the notes) and asked to write a story based off of it, to see how differently we might interpret it. how cool is that?

Title: Four Wizards Who Never Lived in the Attic Room
Author: [ profile] marginalia
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Sybill Trelawney, Remus Lupin, Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter
Archive: marginalia: fiction archive & Twice Told Fandom
Notes: Alternately, read it on the archive. Also check out the other stories based on this image, as that's the entire point.

three double drabbles )
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[Four or five things Remus and Sirius never did on vacation]
for [ profile] offscreen, I think. and I also think I'm not supposed to post these things in the middle of the night, but I'm so rusty. If I wait, I'll lose my nerve.

four or five things. or about 300 words )
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[Transfigured] - Minerva McGonagall, Stephen Maturin
Off of a prompt from here. Someone else can figure out how she got there in the first place.

270 words )
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Title: All She Knew
Author: [ profile] marginalia
Archive: .: marginalia :.
Fandom & characters: HP, Helga Hufflepuff, Pomona Sprout, Hannah Abbott
Notes: Begun as a pinch hit for [ profile] thelastgoodname in [ profile] jennyo's Female Gen Ficathon, but the original writer came through after all. Such is life. Took my time, finished, and there you have it. Thanks as always to Steph, and in particular to Melinda, my personal favorite 'Puff. Request was for any Hufflepuff. Here, have three. Exactly 1000 words.

the thing itself and not the myth )
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well, it's friday on the east coast. best to post when the wifi is working.

today is the birthday of the otp, the sushi to my wasabi, the chocolate to my peanut butter, the one, the only, the [ profile] dorrie6. dorrito 4evahomg! i wish for you the best of all things in the coming year, and because i am selfish i wish that this will include me ;) and (since it is almost mother's day, i'd like to offer some love to the marvelous [ profile] jansong for giving us the gift of melinda in the first place. you rock :))

and now the gift, a ficlet-type-thing. [ profile] starfishchick said you’d love me even if i didn't manage to write something, but i thought it best not to risk it:

[into the mist] - harry (gen!)
this is kindasortabutnotreally inspired by peter mulvey's "birgit". it is also thanks to [ profile] glossing, because the way she writes about buffy makes me want to write about harry. for better or for worse, as i am rusty these days. and now the notes are longer than the fic.

Harry's melting away )
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title: as long as trees are skying
author: [ profile] marginalia
fandoms: anne of green gables, firefly, harry potter, and btvs/ats. but not all at once.
pairing: anne/diana, kaylee/inara, hermione/minerva, tara/fred.
archive: .: marginalia :.
notes: for [ profile] wisdomeagle and [ profile] femslash05. sincere apologies for the delay. i was writing a completely different story until 10pm on wednesday night when i realized it would never work. at least, not in a timely manner. so i wrote this instead. each season is exactly 250 words. title from peter mulvey. thanks to [ profile] sophia_helix for organizing and for being so good about all of my "i'm working on it! really!" emails.

:: four vignettes :: something for everyone :: )

(originally posted here.)
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title: we blaze away
pairing: bill/oliver
archive: .: marginalia :.
notes: unforgivably late hp slash wedding fic for [ profile] dacro. thanks as always to melinda & steph. title from the decemberists. um. mostly i'm just tired of looking at it. just over 2000 words. holy pajamas.

It was George of all people who first suggested it. )
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[i must make it through this afternoon] - harry/ron
i was totally going to read a book. instead i wrote this. unbetaed, natch. title from elliott smith.

ficlet. 423 words. )
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Triptych: Narcissa
this is part two of an ongoing series. here is part one: ron

three drabbles )
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Triptych: Ron
part one of a series. unoriginal, i'm sure, but allow me my delusions.

three drabbles )
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[So I Wait for Confirmation] - remus/sirius
for [ profile] starfishchick's first lines meme. i am determined, dude.

On Thursday night - Friday morning, really - there had been no words. None spoken anew, anyway, instead words hovered around them, angry and cutting words slick along all the surfaces like oil, and Sirius feared the world would shift again and he would fall.

Remus had long ago turned away, shoulders impassive, and Sirius was too tired, his tongue too heavy in his mouth to say what needed saying. Anything would slide off of Remus anyway, slide away, slide off a wall between them that Sirius could almost reach out and touch.

Sirius sighed and disapparated. There were no magic words.
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[some have motherhood thrust upon them] - petunia
[ profile] dorrie6 issued a challenge. don't worry - i won't waste my time trying to get y'all to do the same for me :) actually, i should do a last lines one, as i try to make those decent to make up for the rest of the fic.

ficlet. 165 words )
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[back one day] - sirius/remus
just in the nick of time for [ profile] offscreen's birthday. i had intended to write something fluffy. oops. double drabble

I smiled in knowing I'd be back one day  )
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title: eyes as clear as centuries
pairing: neville/luna. sort of.
archive: .: marginalia :.
notes: for the two lines challenge. thanks to [ profile] shanalle for organizing, to [ profile] frulie for saying "hey, that sounds like luna", and [ profile] dorrie6 for telling me the beginning didn't suck. this was a bitch to write. i almost quit a third of the way in and wrote monaboyd instead. about 1180 words and only one day late. woo.

and when i see you
i really see you upside down
- death cab for cutie, a lack of color

People see only one version of Neville Longbottom. If they see him at all. )
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[shivaree] - mwpp
a bit of marauder fluff. crossposted to [ profile] drabblesmith.

"I'm putting you in charge of noise," Sirius had said. "You can torment the neighbors a bit." Peter was in charge of light, and Sirius himself was in charge of making sure James didn't bloody Disapparate at the last moment, but he needn't have bothered. Prongs was not to run tonight.

After the ceremony, Peter set off fireworks that exploded into designs of questionable taste, Remus Charmed the pots to clatter near-symphonically, a wizard shivaree, but the bride and groom had gone.

"All this for me?" Sirius teased, slipping under Remus's arm to watch the display. "Moony. You shouldn't have."
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[untitled] - sirius/remus
for [ profile] 15minuteficlets. trying to break a block. totally didn't work.

this is just strange. double drabble )
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sorry, sorry, one more. i'll go away now.

[waking up] - neville
[ profile] queerditch_pub "when i woke up you were gone."

Neville had always been there, from the first trip on the Hogwarts Express to Harry's hurried alias on the Knight Bus. He was a fixture in the boys dormitory, part neither of SeamusandDean nor HarryandRon. He had even been there before it all began, hidden in the shadow of Harry (and assumption) in that long-ago prophecy. He had been there always, but no one had noticed. No one save Luna, because Luna noticed things that other people didn't. She drew him away, won him over, gave him the confidence to be whole.

When Harry finally woke up, Neville was gone.
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oh, why am i never paying attention when it's [ profile] queerditch_pub time? i blame time zones. no matter. am going to cheat and do all of round one instead of one from each. *rebel* each of these is a drabble, and was written in under 20 minutes, per the q_p rules.

Remus/Sirius - Aftermath of Azkaban )

Luna/Ginny - Butterfly )

Harry/Ron/Hermione - Repainting the Walls )
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[theanthropic] - harry
this spilled out at exactly 100 words. i think i better not mess with it. and in my head, it was ron, but that's up for debate. crossposted to [ profile] drabblesmith

He's faced the dark Lord again and again, as a baby, as a child, as a sullen teenager. Every time he has lived. Every time people edge away from him just a little bit more. They begin to think him theanthropic. They forget he is just a boy. They push him ahead, they call him a demon, they call him a savior. They never call him Harry.

The merpeople push him up from the depths, Dumbledore carries him back to the castle, and that night Gryffindor Tower sinks under the weight of the one who would have called him love.

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