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[perhaps] - gandalf, dumbledore for [ profile] meganberrieh

One would expect they'd have met earlier. At a convention for clones of Moses, perhaps, Moses crossed with Merlin plus a dash of St. Paul in the wilderness. Perhaps they might have met at a support group, Pipeweed Anonymous. Actually, you would expect they'd have met long before any of that, preventing the rising of one Dark Lord or another, details lost to history.

Perhaps it doesn't matter how they met at all, only that they did, and that now they can swap tricks of the trade and sherbet lemons, then watch the fireworks in companionable silence atop a hill.
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untitled for [ profile] monkeycrackmary's minas tirith drabble challenge. it's more effective in context.

She imagines the scent of the flowers around her, sickly sweet. Petals crushed as the soldiers ride out, a funeral procession where no men need carry the bodies. Wives and mothers, sweethearts and children, withered and wounded all watch with her. They murmur of their loss and of hers, such a new bride to be left alone. She has a mad desire to laugh at them all, the solemn old women. They know nothing.

Her blood came this morning, a great gift. A gift overshadowed only by his heavy form riding away.

She hopes now that he does not return.
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