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[and, like, whatever] - enid (ghost world) & casey (sports night) & elijah wood (duh)
it's been yonks (well, two weeks at least) since [ profile] fox1013 handed out assignments for the Slightly More than 24 Hours (Literal) Crack Crossover Challenge. it was a little more than slightly for me. but oh well. beware run-on sentences. also, i have no respect for actual timelines, especially when they get in the way of making me laugh. deal. there also might be tense issues, though i tried to catch them all.

crack fic. just over 500 words. )
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[friends don't let friends eat at denny's] - Dom/Oz for [ profile] art_geek
prompt was beth's café. i don't know wtf happened to the concept of a drabble. the club is r place in tribute to boston pizza boy.

344 words. this is ridiculous. )
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[knaves and thieves] - dom/oz, verona beach au. part one, i suspect.
so i was trying to figure out what to write next, because the bsc fic is in beta and the billy/dom remix makes me want to slit my wrists, and then i saw that it's [ profile] glossing's birthday. the first thing about gloss is she's amazing. the second thing about gloss is that thanks to her i am now really confused when people list giles/oz as a rare or odd pairing. theirloveissocanon . . isn’t it?

but i'm as intimidated as all hell to write -that-, and then this pair tapped me on the shoulder. and they -are- on my to-write list. fare thee well, guilt! so, now that the notes are longer than the story…also, i'm not actually back yet. *wavy hands*

gainst knaves and thieves men shut their gate / for the rain it raineth every day )
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title: A New State of Grace
archive: .: marginalia :.
original story: Something of a Weakness, by [ profile] kiltsandlollies
pairing: Billy/Dom
notes: lotrips remix '04. thanks to [ profile] dorrie6 & [ profile] starfishchick for the beta
disclaimer: this is a work of fiction, and not even original, since I stole the story from kiltie. go read hers, too, it's better :)

a new state of grace )

a few notes of interest to no one but me )
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for [ profile] oneangrykate's challenge. why i opted to do him, no fuckin' clue. if you know all the 'verses, uh, marry me? thanks to steph and melinda for looking over the first bits.

five things that never happened to orlando bloom )
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wonder. harry potter/elijah wood
because why write something you -need- to write when you can do [ profile] 15minuteficlets instead?

210 words )
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here's a story i wrote for [ profile] dorrie6 aaaages ago. because i wrote something depressing and she asked for christmas and puppies to make up for it. because i love you all, i went through and, liek, capitalized. it still makes me laugh. of course, i am a huge dork.

lucky dog - domlijah.

christmas ficlet! )
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cicatrix - billy/elijah

requested by [ profile] scaryemilie on the occasion of her birthday. required elements: angst & glasgow. i'm sorry you had to wait so long, m'dear. hope you like.

Read more... )
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title: riffraff
author: [ profile] jacito
archive: .: marginalia :.
pairing: dom/oz
disclaimer: i know no one, i own nothing. lies, all lies.
notes: for the free verse challenge. and for [ profile] crookedheart, who asked to hear the story of the boy with the wings. this is part of it. drabble series. the coffee shop is more or less messiah, because, why not.

To be nothing, and feel the wind / of the big trucks passing. / Debris: even the word / is beautiful. )
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title: driving
archive: .: marginalia :.
pairing: miranda/liv
disclaimer: lies, all lies.
notes: someone on friendsfriends mentioned rough cate/miranda. at least, i -think- i didn't make that up. but i have long owed miranda/liv happier times. poor things got this instead. a product of insomnia in spokane.

miranda/liv. smut. whee. )
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title: alone together
archive: .: marginalia :.
pairing: elijah/harry
fandom: lotrips/hp crossover
notes: by request for [ profile] elwyna's birthday. i don't think this is quite what you intended, but it has [ profile] dorrie6 & [ profile] starfishchick's blessing, so i hope you enjoy it. (ps: [ profile] scaryemilie, i'm still working on yours. what i have so far scared the hell out of me, so i'm putting it away for a little while.)

Read more... )
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title: bronze star heart
archive: .: marginalia :.
notes: for the monaboyd flashfic challenge. written for [ profile] andrealyn. this is not the story she requested, but this is the story the boys told me this week. i'm going to spank them soundly try it again after i get some sleep. i hope it will do in the meantime :) title from jeffrey foucault's awesome tune "secretariat". thanks to [ profile] dorrie6 for dealing with my angst.

i'm going to take this bronze star heart i've got / i'm going to melt it down )
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new thing, dominic/oz for [ profile] phineasjones's ee cummings challenge (poem at link). so, yes, words and phrases lifted directly from cummings. sort of the idea, yes?

here be smut )
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um. so. [ profile] princesstwilite demanded oz!porn. and since i have written very little oz and absolutely no porn, of course i thought i'd give it a go. *facepalms* i'm sorry. that is all.

Burn to Shine - oz/dom monaghan. btvs & lotrips crossover. yes. again still.
archive: .: marginalia :.
follows three drabbles: thursday night in la, lethe, and combust. but as this has no plot, that probably doesn't matter.

pwp! hard r! go team me! )
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i'm still really dissatisfied with this, but it's not going to improve any time soon. written because i wanted to know the backstory for fool's gold.

for [ profile] scaryemilie, who demands het.

As Night Follows Day )
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falling, in which the author abuses a metaphor, the English language, and two hot actors.

ficlet )
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[eta - here's the fluffy bit. very fluffy. um. no pun intended.

i need some liquid courage before i can a) finish and b) post the other version of this story - laundry day. monaboyd drabble. pg. ) ]
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for some reason, this wing business really unnerves me posting-wise.

a bit rewritten, then finished on the train friday night. word.

clipp'd, a pretentious fic in four drabbles )

*waves* yup. i guess i'm back.

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