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[Out here you can hear things for miles] - Remus/Sirius
[ profile] marauderrhombus-verse for the Less-is-more whatsit. Thanks to [ profile] musesfool for the suggestion. This didn't go quite the way I intended. It's probably not the way they intended either.

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i got tagged by [ profile] choucroute & [ profile] dorrie6 on this one music meme. the rules are changing faster than i can follow, so here's my spin on it. i'll post six of my favourite songs right now. with yousendit links. and bonus drabbles/ficlets. for which reason i am not tagging anyone because really, who wants to write for their own song selections? sad, sad people like me, that's who. and i'm only going to post one at a time, mostly because i'm afraid this yousenditlink will expire before i finish writing the other five.

i hate your lipstick - veal
remus/sirius marauder rhombus verse, 175 words )
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[five things that never happened to the bass player] - remus/sirius. marauder rhombus 'verse. except not.
yeah. an au of an au. give me meta or give me death. this is mostly because the UST was starting to get to me. poor, pretty boys. yeah, i know i wasn't suppose to be writing this. i think this was more for me than it was for you folks. unbetaed, and as it's now 5am i'm damned sure there are errors. so yell.

everything's a sign of my astrology )
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[leave you black and blue] - remus/sirius. au.
the much anticipated (ha!) part three of remus's pov on the patience arc. marauder rhombus alternate universe. the original story is symptoms of touring. finally, the most important note of all, for [ profile] offscreen. unbetaed, so holler and i shall fix.

I'm fragile too / But only with you )

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[spinning out] - remus/sirius. au
remus pov on the patience arc (aka jaci's personal remix project) continues. my first part is [bright you are]. this installment parallels [if you think you might be, you are]. any dialogue is as it appears in the original. unbetaed, so yell and stuff. i fear a verb tense issue.

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[bright you are] - remus/sirius. au.
(this is in the marauder rhombus-verse. this story goes with part one of the patience arc - bigger than the both of us. much love to the girls for letting me play with their toys boys. i hope i didn't do anything too ooc. gloriously unbeta-ed, so if there's anything horrible let me know.)

about 1000 words. aka god damned novel )
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trust all stars - sirius/remus
fanfic-ing fanfic is oh, so very meta. in the [ profile] marauderrhombus-verse.

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playing with other people's toys is all kinds of unnerving.

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