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i am Not Here. but i did finish this a few days ago, and i can't pass up the chance to post it. *flails at wifi* also, omg i need a steve icon.

title: new york renaissance
characters: steve & danny. or steve/danny. it's up to you.
fandoms: sex and the city, sports night
notes: by request for [ profile] shinyredtype's birthday, prompts were a bottle of gin and a mechanical bull. pre-canon in a way that should be obvious. (for the chronologically anal, sn began 9/98 and satc began 6/98, but steve didn't show up until mid season 2.) this isn't quite what i thought it would be, so i hope you still like it :) written offline.

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[and, like, whatever] - enid (ghost world) & casey (sports night) & elijah wood (duh)
it's been yonks (well, two weeks at least) since [ profile] fox1013 handed out assignments for the Slightly More than 24 Hours (Literal) Crack Crossover Challenge. it was a little more than slightly for me. but oh well. beware run-on sentences. also, i have no respect for actual timelines, especially when they get in the way of making me laugh. deal. there also might be tense issues, though i tried to catch them all.

crack fic. just over 500 words. )
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[detached] - danny/casey
i don't know what this is or how it happened. for [ profile] 15minuteficlets

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