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[knaves and thieves] - dom/oz, verona beach au. part one, i suspect.
so i was trying to figure out what to write next, because the bsc fic is in beta and the billy/dom remix makes me want to slit my wrists, and then i saw that it's [ profile] glossing's birthday. the first thing about gloss is she's amazing. the second thing about gloss is that thanks to her i am now really confused when people list giles/oz as a rare or odd pairing. theirloveissocanon . . isn’t it?

but i'm as intimidated as all hell to write -that-, and then this pair tapped me on the shoulder. and they -are- on my to-write list. fare thee well, guilt! so, now that the notes are longer than the story…also, i'm not actually back yet. *wavy hands*

gainst knaves and thieves men shut their gate / for the rain it raineth every day )
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as yet untitled m&c vb au part 2
i have no idea what to call this. also, hello AtS-verse. because, why not? part one is here. i don't own anything. 350-ish words.

Someone whistles, high and sweet )
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as yet untitled m&c vb au - stephen/jack & stephen/tom
because [ profile] glossing told me to. i guess if you're going to do a master and commander au, you might as well go all the way. verona beach challenge. this is mostly establish-y stuff, i think. we'll see what happens. again, 500 words.

Esteban had been too long away from the sea. )

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