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[I only want it to begin] - Duck/Dan
for [ profile] dorrie6's first lines challenge. also, this is accidentally a curtain fic. oops.

It was a small cottage, at least from the outside; its yellow paint cracked and faded. Nothing lasted long that close to the water, but Duck figured he could slap on a few coats no problem. "I've painted over worse," he said, and in his voice Dan could hear the years of people knowing or guessing, and Duck not hiding, whatever their conclusions.

Dan stepped back, eyeing the house and the sea and Duck. "Might have to again," he said.

"Maybe so," Duck agreed, with a look Dan felt all through him, "but this time I'll have help."
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[you'll get no regrets from me] - duck/dan
inspired by [ profile] musesfool's post, and for [ profile] pearl_o if she'll have it. 175 words.

Duck says he's braver than he thinks he is, and Dan suspects that might be true. It takes a lot of strength to live the life people expect of you, and even more to leave that life behind.

In the mornings Dan sleeps late because he can, but Duck is up with the sun and often even before its strange early light creeps through the trees. Sometimes they meet at Iggy's in the late morning, where Duck just orders coffee, but steals a wedge of Dan's buttered toast and always finishes the eggs.

Their hands brush as they walk to the video store, and as Dan reaches for the door Duck reaches for him and spins him back. An icy jolt shoots through Dan, a conditioned response from years of hiding, but Duck's hand is warm, an anchor. When Dan leans in to kiss him he tastes of coffee and home and trust. Duck touches his cheek as they move apart, smiles, says have a good day, says see you at dinner. And Dan will.

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