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[geeky] - ernie macmillan
part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans. hey, i'm surprised too.

Ernie always has a theory. He collects and rearranges pieces of the puzzle, runs ideas past Hannah, looks for connections and listens for the gasps. They tell him when he's hit on something so strange and horrible it must be true.

He's nothing if not flexible, though. The best theorists are open to change, and the best Hufflepuffs gladly apologize when evidence turns the other way. He's been wrong about Harry Potter before, and now he picks his side and hopes he's right. He has hours of revising ahead and DA skills to master. The time for apologies has passed.
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[exhausted] - hogwarts
part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans. shocking.

For over a thousand years the castle has been everything to everyone, everyone who needed it, everyone whether or not they knew how to ask. Everything to everyone magical, that is.

It is stone and spell, mortar and mystery, prison and palace.

The Founders thought themselves very wise. They taught Hogwarts how to grow and change, how to both settle into the earth and reach for the stars, and, greatest of all, how to draw on power.

A building alone, however, cannot hold all things together. Those inside and out are torn, divided. The foundation cracks, supports unsteady.

Hogwarts trembles.
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[frustrated] - grandmother longbottom
part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans.

She spent years torn between the desire to shelter and strengthen Neville, and now she doubts herself. There's a glimmer in his eye when he talks of war, and she thinks she should have instilled in him a fear of that, an understanding of the horrors that lie ahead. She has taken him to the Closed Ward and now he speaks coldly of revenge. The night in the Department of Mysteries is always with him, a force she does not know or understand.

She is an old woman, helpless as her family's future kisses her on the cheek and Disapparates.
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[exanimate] - ron & hermione
and here i had thought i would do a ghost for this one. surprise. part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans.

She's not dead, Ron thinks over and over. Not dead. Petrified. He's never seen a dead person before, but he's pretty sure there's not a lot of difference. The stillness terrifies him, the movements you never notice until they are gone. Her eyes are open wide but there is nothing behind them and this is what disturbs him the most. There are no thoughts, no solutions, no know-it-all explanations left hanging half-formed, their questions half-answered as she dashes to the library.

In their room, Ron turns to Harry. They must solve it all the faster now.
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[enthralled] - lily
part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans.

Lily has decided that the entire thing is impossible. She counts Harry's tiny fingers, clips his nails and is absolutely certain there is no way he could have come out of her.

Many look at her with silent judgment. Having a child in the midst of war may be a selfish act, but his lashes are dark around her own green eyes, and she cannot think of him as anything but a gift. Everyone is afraid and exhausted, but she will not give up hope.

His fist is tight around her little finger, but she is the one wound tight.
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[energetic] - colin creevey
part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans.

Colin can't stop looking at everything. It's like a fairy story, but he's too old for that sort of nonsense. When the letter came he gave it to his father, and then stood by, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

Now he's here, a world away from his father's milk truck and the tall and cruel boys at his old school. He wants to learn about ghosts and flying and food that appears out of nowhere, and he doesn't want to sleep for fear he'll miss something, well, magical. He raises his camera to capture it all for Dennis.
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[ecstatic] - neville/harry
total cheese. part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans.

Neville was beside himself.

He had often wanted to escape his body; the only time it had done him any good was when Uncle Algie had dropped him out the window and he had bounced across the garden. He had a sturdy wizard's body, prone to disaster.

Now he was strangely light, watching himself from above and below, amazed and unbelieving. Harry looked up at him as if he were a new thing and then came to a decision, bringing Neville back to himself with a touch and a smile.

Everything was at once terrifying and joyous, awkward and perfect.
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[drained] - lily
part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans.

Lily is beyond exhausted. That she is still functioning, walking about, working for the Order, is somewhat of a miracle. Her strength has dripped away so slowly that she didn't notice until it was nearly gone.

Tonight James is away, and she can only hope that he is safe. She knows she will feel it if anything happens, that it will be too great a cosmic rift to pass unnoticed. She tries to sleep but the bed is too wide, and no matter how she lays the baby presses hard against her.

She is running out of things to give.
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[ditzy] - ron
part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans. meh. well, at least i'm caught up. i think.

Ron had known from the beginning that the words "Yule Ball" could only add up to disaster. Giggling girls everywhere, but no one he could ask, then that terrifying moment with Fleur!

But the most bewildering part was Hermione. The way she looked, that she had gone with Krum, the way they had looked at each other. It was all strange and dizzying and wrong, and in the end she had yelled at Ron, and everything was topsy-turvy.

He didn't understand any of it and he wasn't certain he wanted to try. At least it would never happen again.
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[discontent] - harry
part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans.

He does not know how he survived before with the Dursleys. The days were endless, nearly identical, but he knew no other way. School days gave some variety, but escape was too far off for him to consider.

Now, summers in Little Whinging are torture. It is strange, because they will come to an end, an end that he can see, but the time ticks past slower than it ever did in Potions.

In the nighttime he kicks at his tangled sheets, the walls pressing in close around him. The pain comes in knowing how far this was to fall.
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[dirty] - ginny
part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans.

When Tom was inside her, she was so young. She didn't know what it meant. She had been stupid and scared, a foolish child. She had thrown him away, scrubbed herself clean and pink.

She never forgot that she had been chosen, especially when Harry began to fear and long for Tom. She snarled at him, dark oil on her tongue.

She knows Tom is there, searching through the cold for willing hearts. In bright times he is in the dust around her, in dark, sludge she must scrape from her skin.

She is wanting and revulsion. She is impure.
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[cynical] - harry
hrm. this could also probably be "confused". or "indescribable" ;) part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans.

There are some nights, cold and lonely, where he lets himself think that maybe he won't save them.

It's a tiny thought, tickling the back of his brain, and he's horrified when he realizes it is there. Voldemort, he thinks, Voldemort made me think that. But why, when Harry thinks it himself?

They mock him, and sometimes they ignore him, which is even worse. They're too concerned with themselves, with their images, with their power. Even Dumbledore is tarnished now, fallen, selfish and withholding.

They have let too many people die. They have let Sirius die. They can save themselves.
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[determined] - hagrid
uh. i refuse to write dialect. bite me, jkr. part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans.

Wool snarled around his fingers and his needles lay in pieces. His father calmly muttered, "Reparo!" and the skein appeared neat and whole on the table, the two shining needles stuck through it.

"Don't know why I can't Charm it. Won't they teach me that at Hogwarts?" Rubeus grumbled.

"There isn't a spell for everything, my boy. Your mother's not around and I won’t be here forever. There are things you will need to do for yourself." His father smiled kindly. "Besides ladies often take kindly to a gentleman who knits."

Rubeus bit his lip in concentration and began again.
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[crushed] - snape
part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans.

That he quietly submits an application each year is an open secret, but why he cares so much is not. Severus learned long ago that wanting leaves you vulnerable and that nothing hurts so much as an attack on desire. It is less hope now than force of habit, the carefully prepared CV, the glowing references from wizards around the globe.

The school owl arrives while he is grinding dried hellebore leaves for a draught. The scroll is bound with a dark ribbon, so he slips it unread into the hidden drawer with the others.

He will wait another year.
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[cranky] - filch
character inspiration from [ profile] dorrie6's drabble for crappy. part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans.

They didn't know for sure until the letter didn't come. "Our Argus is a late bloomer, that's all," his mother said with a thin lipped smile, but away from knowing eyes she made no secret of the shame. "You must work harder. No child of mine will live as a Muggle."

His position at Hogwarts is supposed to be an honour, but inside everything is anger, twisting knives, a stone pressing down on his chest. The students make a mockery of him as they squander their gift through sloth and hormones.

Magic is a privilege. They too will work harder.
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[crazy] - sirius
part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans. yes, virginia, there hasn't been a cranky yet. be patient.

He must pretend for them, but it is very difficult. He can pretend when Remus is around, because he has always tried to be good for Remus. Sometimes he wasn't, and Remus was angry. Sirius has always remembered the angry times. The darkness never took that away.

Pretending for James is harder, because James looks at him differently now. James is green and jagged, and sometimes Remus says it is not James, it is Harry, but that is silly Sirius knows and he laughs in the back of his head.

He pretends they aren't crazy as he's slowly going sane.
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[contemplative] - remus/sirius
part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans.

"It's happening again," Sirius said. "I felt it coming." The darkness has returned and they are beginning to reform the Order.

Sirius shudders and shifts into Padfoot, circles the tattered rug and settles at Remus's feet. Remus watches the light against the wall change from gold to pink to nothing at all. He would like very much to go far away. Somewhere sunny. He's not been properly warm in ages. He'd wear thin cotton to hide his scars from dark haired boys.

Sirius becomes himself, leans against the chair, not Remus. Remus is bound to them all. He will stay.
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[complacent] - fudge
part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans.

It's not that Fudge doesn't want to believe him, you understand, but to be perfectly honest there's not much evidence. It's the boy's word against powerful wizards like Lucius Malfoy. All Fudge has seen for himself is Harry Potter clinging to Cedric Diggory's dead body, and people will do a lot for the Triwizard winnings, you know. Not that there's proof there either and so much the better. The death will be enough of a stain on Hogwarts.

It's unfortunate, but it's best this all reflect on Dumbledore and the school rather than the Ministry. Yes, it's easiest this way.
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[chipper] - james
part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans.

"She didn't say no!" James leapt into the doorway, swung briefly from the frame and dropped to his feet.

"She didn't say yes either," Peter muttered as he slipped into the room behind him.

"Yet!" James corrected, tumbling onto his bed. "It's just a matter of time."

"Til what?" asked Sirius. "There's no Charm that'll convince a girl to be interested in someone like you. Remus would have found it, yet here he is, sad and single." Remus glared automatically.

James smiled brightly. "The fair Miss Evans will still agree to join me. Your negative attitude shall have no effect."
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[calm] - molly/arthur
omgcanonhet! part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans.

The first thing she loved about Arthur was his sincere enthusiasm for the world around them, both Muggle and magic. His energy fueled her own rather than draining it and few knew he had deep reserves of quiet that appeared when she most needed them.

"I have time," he whispered some mornings, his forgotten tie undone as he reached for wee fussy William. He rocked the baby in his arms and softly sang "Billy Boy" by the window.

The winter sun caught in their hair, matching reds and golds. Molly pulled the duvet snug around her and rested her eyes.

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