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disagree (1) ([personal profile] marginalia) wrote2016-10-10 11:21 am

[generic ficathon dear author letter]

Dear [ficathon] writer:

Here is my dirty little secret about fictions: I sign up because I want to be forced to write myself. That is the point for me. Getting a story back is icing.

Therefore, you are free to write something that *you* enjoy writing!

I like angst & banter & friendships & duty & loyalty & character studies & hijinks. Sex isn't a requirement, though I am certainly not opposed. I read other people's offer letters and I I really have to specify that I do not want all of those things? I never want to be this year's bondage Care Bear fic. I've also read letters & signups where people have basically written the fic they want, and I cannot see how that is fun for anyone!

When I say gen is perfectly okay I mean it. There isn't enough gen fic, particularly about awesome ladies, so if that works for you, go for it. (Unless this is for a slash-specific challenge, in which case get with the smooches! Or at least the wishing-there-were-smooches.)

Most of all, I want *you* to have fun. Happy writing!