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I'm possibly using this space again, but primarily friends-locked. If I know you, drop a comment here & we'll work it out. If I don't know you, I don't think you'd give a shit what's posted here anyway. Peep me on Twitter; I'm much better at that.

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Dear [ficathon] writer:

Here is my dirty little secret about fictions: I sign up because I want to be forced to write myself. That is the point for me. Getting a story back is icing.

Therefore, you are free to write something that *you* enjoy writing!

I like angst & banter & friendships & duty & loyalty & character studies & hijinks. Sex isn't a requirement, though I am certainly not opposed. I read other people's offer letters and I I really have to specify that I do not want all of those things? I never want to be this year's bondage Care Bear fic. I've also read letters & signups where people have basically written the fic they want, and I cannot see how that is fun for anyone!

When I say gen is perfectly okay I mean it. There isn't enough gen fic, particularly about awesome ladies, so if that works for you, go for it. (Unless this is for a slash-specific challenge, in which case get with the smooches! Or at least the wishing-there-were-smooches.)

Most of all, I want *you* to have fun. Happy writing!
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Title: The Morning Light
Fandom: The Station Agent
Characters: Fin, Joe, Olivia
Notes: For exeterlinden in Yuletide 2011. Read here or on AO3

On the best evenings, they would forget to turn on the lights )
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Title: Quite a new thing
Fandom: Bridesmaids
Pairing: Becca/Rita
Author: [personal profile] marginalia, skirmishes against the author
Notes: For [ profile] bonmot507 in [community profile] femslash11. I own nothing, title from ee cummings.

1100 )
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Title: Dream a Highway
Fandom: Pancho & Lefty
Notes: Written for sionnain for yuletide. Beta by dorrie6 & title from the incomparable Gillian Welch, whose gorgeous cover of "Pancho & Lefty" introduced me to Townes in the first place. Here on AO3.

Lefty had dreamed of the West since before he could remember, and when he wasn't dreaming he was fretting that all the adventures were happening without him, the bright big world stretching from the dirt road on the edge of their small farm all the way down to Mexico. )
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Title: Two irregular stones
Fandom: Deadwood
Pairing: Jane/Joanie
Rating: PG
Word count: 1075
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my Deadwood box set. It is fuckin' pretty, though.
Warnings: Mmm. Suicidal tendencies & public drunkenness, I suppose, both of which are fuckin' canon.
Notes: Thanks to M&S for the readthrough, as always! Anything remaining issues are all me, baby. Title taken ridiculously out of context from "Stepping Backward", by Adrienne Rich. Like you do. For [personal profile] jae_w in [community profile] femslash10

Because we know each other, crack and flaw, / Like two irregular stones that fit together )
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Title: I've allowed my fears to get larger than life
Author: [personal profile] marginalia, archive at skirmishes against the author
Recipient: [personal profile] gloss, who deserved better. And also timely.
Fandom: Stranger Than Fiction
Pairing: Karen/Penny
Rating: PG
Word count: just over 1000
Disclaimer: I own nothing here except my very own writer's block. One line is lifted from the film.
Notes: For femslash09. Title & cut text from Aimee Mann, who showed me the way in. Thanks to M&S for the read-through.

I know life is getting shorter / I can't bring myself to set the scene / Even when it's approaching torture / I've got my routine )
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[ profile] yuletide reveal!

title: i am one such dream
fandom: being human
notes: i am still afraid this is more gen than the recipient was looking for, but i really enjoyed writing it.

on the very (very) slight chance that there is someone other than [ profile] dorrie6 who knows this canon, you can read & comment on my website or on yuletide.

(i still have recs coming! i have so many tabs open you would not believe it. firefox is freaking out.)
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[ profile] femslash08 went up yesterday, and therein be tons of girlfic. i have no idea how much. lots. check out the masterlist, sorted by fandom.

*i* even wrote something. amazing! like a rocking chair on a mountaintop, emily of new moon, emily/ilse.

it was interesting to write, so far as criticism of the source text goes. i might do a dvd commentary on it one of these days.

or not.

[wee paws]

Jun. 19th, 2008 10:28 am
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wrote all of two stories: go down the path (heroes, ando/(hiro)) & time will have his fancy (the history boys, dakin/irwin).


Apr. 17th, 2008 10:26 am
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earlier this week i was going through my elljay poetry tag (i think those are all still public, btw), and discovered that basically every year on poem in your pocket day i think about posting "marginalia", but then i don't do it.

let's fix that!


Sometimes the notes are ferocious,
skirmishes against the author
raging along the borders of every page
in tiny black script.
If I could just get my hands on you,
Kierkegaard, or Conor Cruise O'Brien,
they seem to say,
I would bolt the door and beat some logic into your head.
Read more... )
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the yuletide reveal finally happened, so i can put this behind me.

title: time will have his fancy
fandom: the history boys
pairing: dakin/irwin

read & comment on my website or on yuletide.
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[sunshine] - neville/seamus, if you squint, and i do.
a year ago i asked for drabble prompts. i never did any of them until today. this one's for [ profile] kiltsandlollies.

DH spoilers with a side of OotP movie canon )
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i am totally wearing crankypants today for a number of reasons, but i am going to try to ignore that for now in favor of fic. [ profile] twicetoldfandom has gone up here. there's no interface for feedback that i can see, though, so i'm crossposting all of it. for those unfamiliar with the ficathon, a number of authors were given the same image (mine is linked in the notes) and asked to write a story based off of it, to see how differently we might interpret it. how cool is that?

Title: Four Wizards Who Never Lived in the Attic Room
Author: [ profile] marginalia
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Sybill Trelawney, Remus Lupin, Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter
Archive: marginalia: fiction archive & Twice Told Fandom
Notes: Alternately, read it on the archive. Also check out the other stories based on this image, as that's the entire point.

three double drabbles )
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when [ profile] glossing did this yesterday i thought "that's cool, but i don't have anything i don't put on my website." which is not true! i have an entire "writing:snippets" tag on livejournal. so i'm going to collect that in this post going forward. they're not fic by any stretch of the imagination, but they are silly little things i would be sad to lose, because i get a giggle reading over them every six months or so.

(i am not kidding about the snippets. even drabbles go on my website.)

from [ profile] minervacat's second telegram challenge, 1/14/05

(i would the the happiest ever if she ran this thing again. think of all the new fandoms we've acquired since then!)

* (off of a willow/tara thread) oz to giles )

* black books (& everyday heroes challenge. ha!), bernard to fran )

* harry potter, neville to harry )

* pirates of the caribbean, elizabeth to sparrow )

* twin peaks, cooper to truman )

* ASoUE & harry potter, klaus to harry )

* lost (season 1), claire to writers )

* anne of green gables, anne to diana )

* desperate housewives (season 1), bree to rex )

* and an m&c exchange with [ profile] starfishchick: jack & stephen )

from the one-line-of-fic meme, 8/23/05

* for [ profile] insidian, pullings/mowett -- master & commander )

* for [ profile] daegaer, crawford/stephen maturin -- weiss kreuz & master & commander )

* for [ profile] jubilancy, ginny/cho -- harry potter )

* for [ profile] starfishchick, mal/serenity -- firefly )

* for [ profile] pearl_o, fraser/kowalski -- due south )

* for [ profile] art_geek, arthur dent/tea -- h2g2 )

* for [ profile] offscreen, remus/sirius -- harry potter )

* for [ profile] listersgirl, buddy/duck -- wilby wonderful )

* for [ profile] atlases, simon/jayne -- firefly )

* for [ profile] dacro, pince/filch -- harry potter )

from a what-should-i-write-about meme, 6/19/07

* for [ profile] musesfool, neville/ron )

* for [ profile] phineasjones, ray kowalski )
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[I am one such dream] - Ando/(Hiro)
:: PG. It wrote itself. Aw man, remember when I said I wasn't fannish about this show? So much for that.

post 1x23, obviously. 365 words. )
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[Three Lies of the Silver Screen] - Hiro/Ando
:: PG. another for the zombiepocalypse weekend.

270 words. and zombies. )

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