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Can't Fight This Feeling: The Power Ballad Slash Ficathon
Master List

[ profile] anidada wrote love bites, spike/angel (btvs/ats)
[ profile] carlanime wrote is this love?, erik/raoul (phantom of the opera)
[ profile] furiosity wrote nothing else matters, harry/draco (hp)
[ profile] gmajor wrote how deep does it go, beka valentine/trance gemini (andromeda)
[ profile] twoweevils wrote dust in the wind, mckay/sheppard (sga)
[ profile] twoweevils wrote wayward son, gibbs/dinozzo (ncis)
[ profile] voleuse wrote one more peaceful day, mark/daniel, mark/bridget (bridget jones's diary)

comment with links! and we'll just pretend that mine is listed there. *shifty eyes*
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you've been threatened with it for Some Time Now and so let's just get it over with, eh?

[ profile] starfishchick & [ profile] marginalia present:

Can't Fight This Feeling: The Power Ballad Slash Ficathon

(aka the least organized ficathon ever) here's all the stuff you need to know:
  • minimum word count is 750. will we come beat you up if it's shorter? probably not. we're too lazy.
  • the due date is *closes eyes and pokes calendar* november 5th. i'll post a master list then, but if you're -dying- to post early i certainly won't stop you.
  • more than one person can claim the same song, because neither of us are organized enough to keep track anyway.
  • and what you've all been waiting for . . .the songs! some suggestions in comments here or pick one of vh1's top 25. of course, this is just a starting point. if you have a beloved power ballad that we've left out, by god, tell us & use it!

still here? sign up in the comments like this:
  • lj name/penname (so we know it's not just us)
  • fandom (not carved in stone)
  • chosen song (or tell us if you would like one assigned)

yay :)
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since a) it was a great way to procrastinate on [ profile] yuletide and b) i got the first story link, might as well start compiling. do not panic! the due date is tomorrow! and, dude, it's not like i have even started mine am finished.

harry potter slash wedding ficathon master list

* [ profile] _peapod wrote honour and obey, harry/snape for [ profile] lunarennui
* [ profile] marginalia wrote we blaze away, bill/oliver for [ profile] dacro
[ profile] phineasjones wrote for [ profile] marginalia
* [ profile] mamadeb wrote brilliant match, harry/draco for [ profile] wayfairer
* [ profile] dorrie6 wrote as morning shows the day, harry/ron for [ profile] katemonkey
* [ profile] mediteddy wrote forevermore, harry/draco for [ profile] bloodyrose82
* [ profile] dacro wrote the problem with forever, harry/draco for [ profile] orpeche
* [ profile] anathdemalfoy wrote you are cordially invited, neville/moody for [ profile] the_gentleman
* [ profile] faeriedeath wrote revenge of the brides, hermione/pansy for [ profile] sihleira
* [ profile] wayfairer wrote years and years of afternoons, harry/draco for [ profile] brownstudy (currently part one only)
* [ profile] lunarennui wrote decemberween, harry/draco for [ profile] 142978
[ profile] idroppedarice wrote for [ profile] saharafic
* [ profile] brownstudy wrote weather, harry/draco for [ profile] idroppedarice
[ profile] the_gentleman wrote for [ profile] dryadgurrl
* [ profile] sihleira wrote quite matter-of-fact, actually, ginny/pansy for a slash wedding dropout.
* [ profile] 142978 wrote the professor, harry/snape for [ profile] countesscharism
* [ profile] countesscharism wrote the three most magical words in the land, harry/ron for [ profile] zarah5
* [ profile] orpeche wrote something tarnished, something wet, something plum-coloured, and something donkey, harry/draco for [ profile] mamadeb
* [ profile] jenniferlupin wrote don't lose faith, snape/lupin for [ profile] _peapod
[ profile] therainbowsnork wrote for [ profile] trakkie
* [ profile] dryadgurrl wrote how to marry an auror, lucius/moody for [ profile] anathdemalfoy
[ profile] notapipe wrote for [ profile] turnedskyward
[ profile] trakkie wrote for [ profile] notapipe
[ profile] bloodyrose82 wrote for [ profile] mediteddy
[ profile] saharafic wrote for [ profile] jenniferlupin
[ profile] katemonkey wrote for [ profile] phineasjones
* [ profile] katemonkey is my hero and wrote a backup fic, society pages, lavender/pansy for [ profile] faeriedeath
* [ profile] zarah5 wrote basic arithmancy, harry/neville for [ profile] dorrie6
* [ profile] turnedskyward wrote a christmas story or, five ways to make ron weasley's head explode, ron/draco for [ profile] therainbowsnork

please comment with the link to your story, and i will update this list accordingly. if you could give me the title and the pairing with the link, that would rock.

if you are running late, i'd appreciate it if you'd tell me that too. no shame - i'm running late, for heaven's sake :) delayed folks are in italics, asterisks indicate the story is in.

i suspect it will be a miracle if this all matches up properly *facepalm* i just had a mini heart attack thinking i forgot to assign one person to be written -for-, but it was just that i had skipped their line. woe.

also of note, the master lists for:
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of course my first ficathon would have to be for something big and scary. *chews nails* too bad this won't count for leadership in my portfolio. heh.

so, [ profile] bookishwench started the The BtVS/AtS Slash Wedding Ficathon. and then [ profile] thejennabides did the same for Gundam Wing and Lotrips.

and i was dumb enough to ask if there was an hp one. and now there is. with her blessing, and totally against my better judgment, i am opening signups for

The Harry Potter Slash Wedding Ficathon

what's a wizard wedding -like-, anyway? i know you people have thought about this. now it's time to write it.


:: sign ups: through nov. 12
:: assignments go out: nov. 15
:: last drop-out date: dec. 1
:: assignments due: dec. 20
:: word count: 1000 minimum.

sign-up form:

:: lj name:
:: email:
:: requested couple:
:: 3 things you want to read:
:: 2 things you don't want to read:
:: 3 things you don't want to write:
:: can you write a back-up?:

the master list will be in this lj on december 20th.

bring it, folks. let's write cheese and fluff and schmoop and au the hell out of the potterverse. w00t! comfort fics!

i have never done this before, so if i missed something, yell. or, y'know, comment.

eta and feel free to pimp, of course.

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