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when [ profile] glossing did this yesterday i thought "that's cool, but i don't have anything i don't put on my website." which is not true! i have an entire "writing:snippets" tag on livejournal. so i'm going to collect that in this post going forward. they're not fic by any stretch of the imagination, but they are silly little things i would be sad to lose, because i get a giggle reading over them every six months or so.

(i am not kidding about the snippets. even drabbles go on my website.)

from [ profile] minervacat's second telegram challenge, 1/14/05

(i would the the happiest ever if she ran this thing again. think of all the new fandoms we've acquired since then!)

* (off of a willow/tara thread) oz to giles )

* black books (& everyday heroes challenge. ha!), bernard to fran )

* harry potter, neville to harry )

* pirates of the caribbean, elizabeth to sparrow )

* twin peaks, cooper to truman )

* ASoUE & harry potter, klaus to harry )

* lost (season 1), claire to writers )

* anne of green gables, anne to diana )

* desperate housewives (season 1), bree to rex )

* and an m&c exchange with [ profile] starfishchick: jack & stephen )

from the one-line-of-fic meme, 8/23/05

* for [ profile] insidian, pullings/mowett -- master & commander )

* for [ profile] daegaer, crawford/stephen maturin -- weiss kreuz & master & commander )

* for [ profile] jubilancy, ginny/cho -- harry potter )

* for [ profile] starfishchick, mal/serenity -- firefly )

* for [ profile] pearl_o, fraser/kowalski -- due south )

* for [ profile] art_geek, arthur dent/tea -- h2g2 )

* for [ profile] offscreen, remus/sirius -- harry potter )

* for [ profile] listersgirl, buddy/duck -- wilby wonderful )

* for [ profile] atlases, simon/jayne -- firefly )

* for [ profile] dacro, pince/filch -- harry potter )

from a what-should-i-write-about meme, 6/19/07

* for [ profile] musesfool, neville/ron )

* for [ profile] phineasjones, ray kowalski )
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so, [ profile] oxoniensis ran another porn battle. or is running, i guess, there are three hours left. and i played a little. because hey. low-pressure opportunity for some flash fiction is good for getting me started on that whole writing thing again. posting so i have a place to hold the links, since you can't memory-i-fy a thread. plz to be scrolling past kthx.

* midnight - house, house/wilson. 634 words.

* loosen up the earth - the secret garden, mary/dickon. yes, yes, future!fic. jeeze. 694 words.

* so boy!slash, het, and i was -going- to have girl!slash to round it out, but it turned into a non-porny story-thing. so that'll come later. (it's btvs/heroes. sigh. but hopefully there will be sexing.) plus, there was a ten/kaylee prompt that totally screamed pegging -- well to me, anyway, but i am a crazy person -- but luckily i'll never write that one. you can all breathe a sigh of relief. except NOT, because you all scrolled past, right? right.

(if you -did- make it this far, i will point out the porn battle index (a work-in-progress), where you can find stories by fandom and author. without it, you're drowning in a sea of goddamned sga. i don't know if there's anything rec-worthy in it -- it's pretty much all Not My Fandom plus i've not read anything in yonks except for yuletide anyway. so there it is. i just wanted a writing exercise.)

((is it time to sign up for [ profile] femslash07 yet? no? how about now? YESOMGYAY))

(((it is, however, time to claim prompts at [ profile] tenyearsofbuffy. i got mine! yaaaay!)))

((((eta there is, in the first signup at femslash, a request for six feet under, ruth/bettina. it is possible that i would pay CASH MONEY for this. if i, you know, had any.))))

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