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(part three of the six song drabble/ficlet series meme-thingy.)

"kathleen" - josh ritter . .is apparently only on whitman. it can be legally (!) downloaded from his website here, first track on the first album.

[kathleen] - tara/oz, perfect drabble

It's been too few days since Tara left the Summers house and she doesn't fit in this party. She's trying with the smile that has yet to make it to her eyes, but her arms are still a cross of protection Oz can see from the makeshift stage. Swaying a dream in her swirling skirt she stays through the first set and he doesn't know why.

He thinks he'll go to her at the break and offer her a ride. She'll say yes and he'll take her home, and in the quiet of their conversation neither will think of Willow.
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here's another one of those six-song-ficlet-thingies

won't be home - old 97s i apologize for the wonky punctuation in the metadata.
faith (gen). 170-some words )
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title: as long as trees are skying
author: [ profile] marginalia
fandoms: anne of green gables, firefly, harry potter, and btvs/ats. but not all at once.
pairing: anne/diana, kaylee/inara, hermione/minerva, tara/fred.
archive: .: marginalia :.
notes: for [ profile] wisdomeagle and [ profile] femslash05. sincere apologies for the delay. i was writing a completely different story until 10pm on wednesday night when i realized it would never work. at least, not in a timely manner. so i wrote this instead. each season is exactly 250 words. title from peter mulvey. thanks to [ profile] sophia_helix for organizing and for being so good about all of my "i'm working on it! really!" emails.

:: four vignettes :: something for everyone :: )

(originally posted here.)
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title: until tomorrow
pairing: vamp!willow/draco, vamp!xander/draco. nc-17
archive: .: marginalia :., [ profile] hpvamp once i get around to joining.
notes: btvs crossover. written for the [ profile] hpvamp bondage challenge. why? because i thought it would be fun. i was right. for [ profile] frulie and [ profile] purplkandigrrrl because of this. also? it's an overwritten crack-fic. deal. 1300+ words.

erm. this is pretty much just smut. i am going to post it quickly before i lose my nerve. )
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(pay no mind to the fic behind the curtain - it's so i don't lose track for archiving and all)

[unpure, unchaste] - faith/buffy
"flower", peaches, and mlk's dream speech. that equals femmeslash, right?

for tigannie_con. nc-17 )
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stuff wot i wrote for [ profile] tigannie_con (aka best virtual con evah, what with the drinking, the cloves, and the touchytouchy girl!love) crossposted mostly for [ profile] dorrie6. thanks to all who gave me great feedback over in the grab bag threads.

sirius/bellatrix. 150 words. )

xander/dom. 150 words )

harry/neville. 150 words. )

ron/draco. 137 words. ha! )
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[satsumas] - dom/oz for [ profile] minervacat
verona beach christmas in july! prompt was oranges.

It doesn't feel quite like Christmas, but Dominic is used to that after New Zealand, seasons all upside down and backwards. Dominic has a gift for creating space for himself wherever, whenever, so when he gives all he has there is a place to come back to. He has help now; Oz is a scavenger, finding the little things, the magic.

Tonight Oz produces oranges like a magician, one in each palm, wrapped in red tissue paper crinkling. They take them down to the beach, curl together on the sand, flicking away the white bits, talking of everything and nothing.
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[second-hand toys] - vamp!willow/draco for [ profile] purplkandigrrrl
this is totally pandering and clichéd. which made it hella fun to write.

Willow watches him for a moment, tilts her head and runs one finger along his spine, cool touch on burning flesh. "Nice new puppy," she purrs. Draco does not shiver.

He is kneeling on the floor, perfectly still, arms chained, body a stylized Z. He is not marked; the Death Eaters make a point of taking excellent care of their possessions. He could release himself with a fluttering of his fingers, but he will not. He will wait forever if that is required.

"Very nice," she says, tugging him to his feet. "But we can break you a little more."
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[friends don't let friends eat at denny's] - Dom/Oz for [ profile] art_geek
prompt was beth's café. i don't know wtf happened to the concept of a drabble. the club is r place in tribute to boston pizza boy.

344 words. this is ridiculous. )
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[binary] - Andrew!bot/Andrew
remember ten years ago when [ profile] dorrie6 asked for a few drabble challenges and got five billion? i was helping her answer them. this is another. for [ profile] spiritkitty

This Andrew scrolls through files, flick flick flick past maps, past Doctor Who trivia, past memories of Warren, real and fabricated. Memories when all went right.

That Andrew goes dizzy with possibility. This Andrew blinks. This Andrew licks his lips. That Andrew wonders if this Andrew is exactly the same. If he's allergic to soybeans. If he has that mole. If he wants to be touched there and if that will make him forget the things he doesn't really remember.

When this Andrew touches that Andrew, for a moment he wonders how Warren knew. And then he forgets Warren altogether.
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title: time to wave goodbye
archive: .: marginalia: fiction archive :.
disclaimer: i own nothing.
notes: for the tara ficathon, [ profile] aaronlisa requested tara/spike, season 5, post-family, no mention of willow. absurdly late - i really am sorry about that.

maybe she's just pieces of me you've never seen )
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[knaves and thieves] - dom/oz, verona beach au. part one, i suspect.
so i was trying to figure out what to write next, because the bsc fic is in beta and the billy/dom remix makes me want to slit my wrists, and then i saw that it's [ profile] glossing's birthday. the first thing about gloss is she's amazing. the second thing about gloss is that thanks to her i am now really confused when people list giles/oz as a rare or odd pairing. theirloveissocanon . . isn’t it?

but i'm as intimidated as all hell to write -that-, and then this pair tapped me on the shoulder. and they -are- on my to-write list. fare thee well, guilt! so, now that the notes are longer than the story…also, i'm not actually back yet. *wavy hands*

gainst knaves and thieves men shut their gate / for the rain it raineth every day )
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[in retrospect] - andrew, gen.

He had been busy in the spring. Maybe that was why he forgot. Saving the world was a lot of work, even when you have help, and when people were dying right now it was hard to remember people who died before.

In November, though, when he wore suits in England, warding off the chill of a fall so different from Sunnydale, then there was time to remember Jonathan.

Alone in his dark flat, listening to the Imperial March, regret, fear and sorrow twisted through him again, stomach and heart. Andrew raised a glass to the second supervillain to fall.

(originally posted here.)
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title: riffraff
author: [ profile] jacito
archive: .: marginalia :.
pairing: dom/oz
disclaimer: i know no one, i own nothing. lies, all lies.
notes: for the free verse challenge. and for [ profile] crookedheart, who asked to hear the story of the boy with the wings. this is part of it. drabble series. the coffee shop is more or less messiah, because, why not.

To be nothing, and feel the wind / of the big trucks passing. / Debris: even the word / is beautiful. )
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beautiful - andrew/elijah (for the btvs/rps challenge)

It catches Elijah at the oddest of moments. When he comes to bed late and Andrew curls around him, limbs heavy and warm with sleep.

Or watching Andrew perched on the edge of the couch mid game, his tongue poked out in concentration. Elijah, foot tapping a staccato beat, glances out of the corner of his eye and is awed by the intensity of focus.

Or moments later when Andrew's character suffers an untimely and violent death, and Andrew lets loose with a string of curse words in five languages, two of which are artificial.

Then it hits him.

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drabble the second for that there challenge

oblivion - tara/clea duvall

Clea hovered at the bar, surveying the room. She felt the girl in the corner before she saw her, hidden so deep in the shadows that Clea wondered why she was there at all.

The air around her vibrated with loss and need as Clea took her hand and led her out on the floor. Her lips quirked in a half smile as she relaxed into the beat, into Clea's hands skating over the curve of her hips.

Heat and decision flickered in her eyes as she leaned close, warm breath on Clea's ear. "Help me forget who I am."
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drabble one for [ profile] glossing & co.'s challenge

un/marked - riley/astin

They meet whenever the government and Hollywood allow them to inhabit the same city. Sean closes the curtains, allowing a sliver of moonlight. Riley will only touch him in the dark, never kissing, rough just short of leaving marks.

It's difficult for Sean sometimes, when he's taking Riley hard and fast, when he's hovering on the edge of control, when Riley's begging to be bitten and Sean can taste flesh between his teeth. Riley needs it wild, so Sean seeks the old scars and leaves them red.

When Riley leaves, he checks his neck in the mirror. Sean turns away.
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Box of Secrets - oz/tara. wing!fic.

belated happy birthday, m'dear )

coming back from spokane saturday, hopefully with less disturbing btvs/rps drabbles for [ profile] glossing's challenge
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new thing, dominic/oz for [ profile] phineasjones's ee cummings challenge (poem at link). so, yes, words and phrases lifted directly from cummings. sort of the idea, yes?

here be smut )

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