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for the [ profile] lotrips100 movie scene challenge. clue.

The dinner party, even before acquiring a body count, had been a disaster. Secrets were exposed; guests eyed each other with growing suspicion.

When Davies explained the con and proposed they abandon the bodies and leave quietly, Mr. Astin whipped out a pistol, beating Davies to the shot.

"Are you a cop?" Mrs. Wood asked, as the police poured in the front door.

"No. FBI. And if you want to know who killed Mr. Jackson," Mr. Astin declared, "I did. In the hall. With the revolver. Take 'em away, Chief. I'm going to go home and sleep with my wife."
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i'm still really dissatisfied with this, but it's not going to improve any time soon. written because i wanted to know the backstory for fool's gold.

for [ profile] scaryemilie, who demands het.

As Night Follows Day )
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part two of clipp'd

drabble the second )
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clipp'd - domlijah, wing'd au. lotrips100 fear challenge.

They'd been forming for a while, but Dom believed firmly in the power of denial. He took to showering and dressing in the dark, sliding silently into bed, barely sleeping, energy focused on not shaking, on never turning his back on Elijah.

Grateful for the growing chill in the air, Dom bound himself in layers of tight shirts and heavy sweaters. He willed the wings to retreat inside his body, muscles aching. Unexpected, their release came when his startled eyes caught Elijah's in the mirror, and the wings beat out a panicked rhythm matching Elijah's feet stumbling down the stairs.

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