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[ profile] yuletide reveal!

title: i am one such dream
fandom: being human
notes: i am still afraid this is more gen than the recipient was looking for, but i really enjoyed writing it.

on the very (very) slight chance that there is someone other than [ profile] dorrie6 who knows this canon, you can read & comment on my website or on yuletide.

(i still have recs coming! i have so many tabs open you would not believe it. firefox is freaking out.)

[wee paws]

Jun. 19th, 2008 10:28 am
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wrote all of two stories: go down the path (heroes, ando/(hiro)) & time will have his fancy (the history boys, dakin/irwin).
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the yuletide reveal finally happened, so i can put this behind me.

title: time will have his fancy
fandom: the history boys
pairing: dakin/irwin

read & comment on my website or on yuletide.
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hey! i wrote fic! in a fandom none of you people friended me for. oops. but. september when it comes, lena/annik-ish, sisterhood of the traveling pants. whee.

(personally, i think wrote better stuff in previous years. for [ profile] femslash04 i wrote "missives", a ghost world story, and for [ profile] femslash05 i wrote "as long as trees are skying", vignettes in anne of green gables, firefly, harry potter, and btvs/ats.)
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hey! i just wrote a thing! erm. i am a little rusty. regardless -

untitled tara/oz drabble thingy for the buffyverse drabblethon.

tomorrow is knitting and free lunch. too bad there is also work. bah on work.
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i'm not here or anything (haven't been for weeks, so why change that now) but i wanted to point out that i Wrote Something this weekend - a 250 word cookie for the tentatively titled way up in the blue, the cataloguer!remus, jossverse crossover fic of myth and legend. written for [ profile] glossing. i fangirl her above all others. you should too.

...and i had typed that up and then left it as i planned to have smut written as the challenge deadline was today and so i was going to link that too, but that won't happen. by the end of the week, though, because clich├ęd shower porn shouldn't take that long to write. i was going to work on it at work today, yeah really, but i have had a brutal headache ever since i went to the dentist this morning. so y'all can wait.

-anyway-. now i get to tell you that there is fic out there for me! but i will let you all read it too because i am just that sweet. [ profile] glossing wrote me fight gravity, a crossfandom extravaganza - btvs/lost/velvet goldmine. i -know-. *glee* i have to admit i have not read it yet as for me gloss!fic is not to be crammed into hasty internet dealings but set aside in a tab to enjoy properly. but i wanted to get this post in before my network dies again. and so, posting.

sekrit gay message to [ profile] starfishchick - i have not forgotten. i am just waiting for russell to talk to me. he doesn't like to talk. he likes to . .y'know. maybe i'll just let him do that. sekrit gay message to [ profile] dorrie6 - bnfs represent.
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a drabble: (albeit a painfully overwritten one) quiescent - remus. for [ profile] 100wizards.

a funny: an LIS510 group is researching the information needs of psychics. i think it's better if you just make the joke yourself.
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i'm afraid the masquerade is over - harry/neville for [ profile] 100wizards
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for [ profile] 100wizards autumn prompt. the world is not poetic - sirius/remus. came out at exactly 100 words, which is rare. they're usually a fight.
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look, ma, it's lotrips. should be - billy/dom. for [ profile] drabblesmith.
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so no one has to fly out to seattle to lay the smackdown -

as lawful as breathing, my contribution to the monaboyd remix. only bears a very passing resemblance to the original. for better or worse.
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i did dishes and cleaned my kitchen at 1am. clearly, there are issues.

then i wrote this - contender - for [ profile] firefly100
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i suppose anyone who was interested read it already, but for [ profile] firefly100 - blankets. river, simon.

and [ profile] open_on_sunday this week is tori amos song titles, so -
northern lad - giles/oz.
icicle - tara.
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for [ profile] lotrips100 sight challenge. magnetic - elijah, dom/billy. in which i beat metaphors to death.
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[ profile] open_on_sunday training challenge - till i break - giles/oz.
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for the [ profile] lotrips100 - nailed - dom/elijah. really, i don't know where this came from. maybe someone should loan me a tinhat. both of the tics are mine - playing with rings and trying to stop chewing my nails.
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i did the [ profile] mandc100 last night - grey squall.

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