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[wee paws]

wrote all of two stories: go down the path (heroes, ando/(hiro)) & time will have his fancy (the history boys, dakin/irwin).
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love (1)

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love (2)

Not that I don't read you everywhere anyway, and talk to you every waking minute, but.

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not amused (1)

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agree (1)

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I ♥ your KNITTING SMASH! face. :D

I just read an article in the Gainesville paper about which summer movies are For Girls and which are For Guys and how it's possible some female might possibly like The Incredible Hulk because Edward Norton is sensitive. I need to borrow your smash!face.

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it is my current facebook photo, and i heart it ever so!


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i got xxxholic 2 last night. i am just saying.

(no wonder quincy archer hates me.)

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(Wait. Okay. I have moved this icon over here just for you. This is a Quincy archer. :D)

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here is a keira archer :P

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Also, there is a Quincy archer on my desk (

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i have nothing that exciting on my desk! woe.

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i have a dalek behind me, though. and a threatenator on the shelf above me.

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Is that really safe?

And doesn't the Dalek annoy you all day long screeching "EXTERMINATE"?

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it's a family center. there is all sorts of screeching all day long ;)

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Good point. :)

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I need a Dalek for my desk.

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mine is a dalek egg cup that [ profile] art_geek sent me. it is evil for breakfast!

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*pokes you*


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hiiii! <3

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Finally! I didn't know where your feed was and you weren't responding to emails and I didn't have a current phone number and AAAANGST!

So it's nice to see you here again. I have now subscribed to your alternate feed. Did you get any of my emails?

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hiya! i did, but whoah way too busy and too not regularly online except at work.

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Ah! I see. So, shall I mark you down as "Do not ask again" or "Whoahbusy right now but still possibly interested"? Either is fine. I just ask explicitly because I found that when I asked, people gave me answers radically different from my assumptions.

Also, I have no idea what your fandoms of choice are these days, but I've just finished Season 1 Torchwood and have a serious Ianto-identification-crush.

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i'm waiting for like, some miraculous uber-sale on Deadwood, which i figure has to happen at some point. (i devoured the whole series back in the fall via my town library.)

also, your Face of Disagreeing is the best thing ever.

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ME TOO. if you ever see one, let me know, and i will do likewise. it is crazy expensive!

i kind of love it. i disagree! i do! with everything! including the price of 'deadwood' on dvd!

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i'm not sure why HBO shows are so much more expensive than any other DVDs ever. Amazon had Carnivale for $20 a season around Christmas, though, so there's hope! i'll definitely keep you apprised if i stumble onto any miraculously-rational prices.

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yes! that's when i got carnivale. impossible to pass up!
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adore (1)

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that picture will never stop being awesome.

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Uhm, I think I'm confused and do not know where to find your blogs. Clarify for me?

I'm all out of touch. Miss ya, sorry we've not hooked-up lately.


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