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[fic: i am one such dream]

[ profile] yuletide reveal!

title: i am one such dream
fandom: being human
notes: i am still afraid this is more gen than the recipient was looking for, but i really enjoyed writing it.

on the very (very) slight chance that there is someone other than [ profile] dorrie6 who knows this canon, you can read & comment on my website or on yuletide.

(i still have recs coming! i have so many tabs open you would not believe it. firefox is freaking out.)

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Hey, congratulations on all that feedback! I've meant to see the source for a while now, and knowing there's you-fic waiting is a great nudge.

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i'm really happy about it! last year was a bit touchy of a yuletide experience, so i am glad to have the fun back :)

the pilot had such amazing potential, but they're rebooting it for the series. they're keeping russell tovey, though, which was the reason i watched it in the first place, so i am hopeful.