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[Transfigured] - Minerva McGonagall, Stephen Maturin
Off of a prompt from here. Someone else can figure out how she got there in the first place.

270 words )
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title: tidings of comfort and joy
pairing: aubrey/maturin
archive: .: marginalia :.
notes: written for [ profile] laurakaye for [ profile] yuletide 2004. i'm sorry i only knew one of your fandoms! luckily, they're one of my ultimate OTPs. bigbig love to [ profile] starfishchick for holding my hand through this.

It is strange and small how things begin )
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[broken binding] - bonden/mowett for [ profile] insidian
playing fast and loose with canon here, but hopefully that's forgivable. last non-birthday request, i think. yay! i'm going to back away from the computer now.

They've served together for so many years that they can deal with anything, from the routine tasks to the rush of battle to retrieving intoxicated Surprises from shore depravity.

Jack cannot imagine running the ship without them, holding the world fast, a tracery of wordless bonds. Everything else is caught up in language, tutoring and poetry; there is something special in their silent synchronicity.

Levels of alliance shift with the winds, others are torn unwillingly asunder. Mowett sees how Bonden changes when the Doctor's around, and the twist in his belly he'll never be able to untie with mere words.
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[the unwilling pupil] - pullings/maturin for [ profile] andrealyn

Tom was amazed that the Doctor could spend so much time at sea and still know nothing of the workings of a ship. It should have been but another language for him, and it could not be for lack of trying. Nearly everyone from the Captain on down had attempted to teach him, and yet his attempts at naval jargon remained laughable.

One calm day, Tom takes him aloft, careful through the lubber's hole. He begins again, describing sails and winds, but between Stephen's piercing gaze and his long fingers steadying on Tom's wrist, Tom realizes Stephen's will is elsewhere.
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[untitled] - maturin, blakeney for [ profile] mcee

Stephen has never spoken about what happened at Port Mahon, not with those who rescued him from it, not even with Jack. He is nothing if not self-reliant, and he sees this in Blakeney now, taking up the pen with his left hand, silent and determined.

He will improve with practice, and so Stephen, who has seen the lad's eyes brighten with any talk of birds and beasts, invents tasks. Blakeney's hand strengthens through labels and notes, and his spirit strengthens a bit as well. It is wonderful what youth will speak of when they need not look you in the eye.

It is rather like having a younger brother, Stephen supposes, though his own childhood had held nothing so consistent. For now, though, he will be glad of the companionship, the infusion of life, and the general camaraderie that leads to jests which will forever baffle their Captain.
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[the one who holds the seven stars] - aubrey/maturin
yeah, another day after tomorrow fic. don't look at me like that.

five hundred words )

(also posted here)
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[salve] - maturin/pullings
wee birthday fic for [ profile] kiltsandlollies. double drabble. there is no excuse for how late this is. no real spoilers, since we all know tom has a scar. and now the notes are longer than the story.

When Tom smiled, his eyes were bright, sparkling like Jack's. )
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that stephen/bonden drabble i wrote for berreh yesterday )

i feel as though i have an "in" for my remix. it is going to be so painfully obvious that i wrote it. alas.

eta - boys and their bikes! click on the image for a hi-res version.
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as yet untitled m&c vb au part 2
i have no idea what to call this. also, hello AtS-verse. because, why not? part one is here. i don't own anything. 350-ish words.

Someone whistles, high and sweet )
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as yet untitled m&c vb au - stephen/jack & stephen/tom
because [ profile] glossing told me to. i guess if you're going to do a master and commander au, you might as well go all the way. verona beach challenge. this is mostly establish-y stuff, i think. we'll see what happens. again, 500 words.

Esteban had been too long away from the sea. )
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title: white noise lullaby
author: [ profile] marginalia
archive: .: marginalia :.
fandom & pairing: master & commander, aubrey/maturin
disclaimer: lies, all lies. i own nothing.
notes: [ profile] contrelamontre traveling challenge. no spoilers. not intended to be part of the [ profile] holding_fast-verse. full hour. like pulling teeth.

Surrender to your white noise lullaby )

(also posted here and here)
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title: retrace the stars
pairing: aubrey/maturin
archive: .: marginalia :.
disclaimer: i own nothing. o'brian is spinning in his grave.
notes: for [ profile] starfishchick's birthday, oh so belatedly. unbeta-ed, so if there's anything glaring, by all means let me know. considering how much of it was written after 2am, i imagine there -are- things :)

The wind has shifted; now it blows across
our path and rises from the black west, now
the air has thickened into mist. We cannot
hold out against it, cannot keep on course.
Since Fortune has the better of us now,
Let us obey and turn aside where she
has called. I think the faithful shores of Eryx,
your brother, and Sicilian ports are not
far off, if only I remember right
and can retrace the stars I watched before.
Virgil, The Aeneid, trans. by Allen Mandelbaum
A modern translation, naturally. Stephen had memorized The Aeneid in Latin.

just over 500 words. which for me is a goddamned novel. )

(also posted here)

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