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[I only want it to begin] - Duck/Dan
for [ profile] dorrie6's first lines challenge. also, this is accidentally a curtain fic. oops.

It was a small cottage, at least from the outside; its yellow paint cracked and faded. Nothing lasted long that close to the water, but Duck figured he could slap on a few coats no problem. "I've painted over worse," he said, and in his voice Dan could hear the years of people knowing or guessing, and Duck not hiding, whatever their conclusions.

Dan stepped back, eyeing the house and the sea and Duck. "Might have to again," he said.

"Maybe so," Duck agreed, with a look Dan felt all through him, "but this time I'll have help."
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[And that has made all the difference] - Hiro/Ando (if you squint, and I do.)
:: PG. drabble from [ profile] glossing's first lines challenge

Proximity blurs the boundaries. Hiro's hand is on his chest and they're gone, spinning through time and space. They've become a single unit, everywhere and nowhere at once. Whenever and wherever they stop, be it five years in the future or at a bodega down the street, Ando shivers and steps back, searching for himself.

The world was different last month, last year, everything clear and dull before him and now his path is splitting into all the choices he doesn't know if he can make. Hiro reaches for him, and the roads, for better or worse, resolve into one.
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[Focus or a lack thereof] - Fraser/Kowalski
Another less-is-more thingy. For [ profile] starfishchick.

double drabble )
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[Out here you can hear things for miles] - Remus/Sirius
[ profile] marauderrhombus-verse for the Less-is-more whatsit. Thanks to [ profile] musesfool for the suggestion. This didn't go quite the way I intended. It's probably not the way they intended either.

230 words )
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Title: After Winter Must Come Spring
Pairing & Fandom: Alice/Lucy, Iron Jawed Angels
Archive: marginalia: fiction archive
Notes: Written for [ profile] theclosetalker in [ profile] femslash07. Thank you for requesting this fandom, because it gave me an excuse to buy the DVD. Also, I made an executive decision: since Patrick Dempsey's character was totally invented, I decided I could just ignore him. It felt really good. Title & cut text from Lauryn Hill. Also, thanks to Melinda & Steph for talking me down off the ledge the read-through. All remaining errors are my own.
Warnings: Technically, this is RPS. I'm really just warning for that because I think it's funny.

After winter must come spring / change it comes eventually )
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so, [ profile] oxoniensis ran another porn battle. or is running, i guess, there are three hours left. and i played a little. because hey. low-pressure opportunity for some flash fiction is good for getting me started on that whole writing thing again. posting so i have a place to hold the links, since you can't memory-i-fy a thread. plz to be scrolling past kthx.

* midnight - house, house/wilson. 634 words.

* loosen up the earth - the secret garden, mary/dickon. yes, yes, future!fic. jeeze. 694 words.

* so boy!slash, het, and i was -going- to have girl!slash to round it out, but it turned into a non-porny story-thing. so that'll come later. (it's btvs/heroes. sigh. but hopefully there will be sexing.) plus, there was a ten/kaylee prompt that totally screamed pegging -- well to me, anyway, but i am a crazy person -- but luckily i'll never write that one. you can all breathe a sigh of relief. except NOT, because you all scrolled past, right? right.

(if you -did- make it this far, i will point out the porn battle index (a work-in-progress), where you can find stories by fandom and author. without it, you're drowning in a sea of goddamned sga. i don't know if there's anything rec-worthy in it -- it's pretty much all Not My Fandom plus i've not read anything in yonks except for yuletide anyway. so there it is. i just wanted a writing exercise.)

((is it time to sign up for [ profile] femslash07 yet? no? how about now? YESOMGYAY))

(((it is, however, time to claim prompts at [ profile] tenyearsofbuffy. i got mine! yaaaay!)))

((((eta there is, in the first signup at femslash, a request for six feet under, ruth/bettina. it is possible that i would pay CASH MONEY for this. if i, you know, had any.))))
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We can't reveal yet! I still have recs to do! Fic to read! Ahhh! Well, okay.

Title: Looking on to Spring
Fandom/characters The Secret Garden, Mary/Colin/Dickon
Notes: Written for Gabihime for [ profile] yuletide 2006. (Archive link.) Thanks to [ profile] dorrie6 & [ profile] starfishchick for the read-throughs and the encouragement, and to [ profile] art_geek for the musical soundtrack. Seriously.

1300 words )
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[Four or five things Remus and Sirius never did on vacation]
for [ profile] offscreen, I think. and I also think I'm not supposed to post these things in the middle of the night, but I'm so rusty. If I wait, I'll lose my nerve.

four or five things. or about 300 words )
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[Transfigured] - Minerva McGonagall, Stephen Maturin
Off of a prompt from here. Someone else can figure out how she got there in the first place.

270 words )
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[with the grain] – fraser (gen)
yeah, i'm surprised too. also, this is [ profile] starfishchick's fault.

200 words )
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[geeky] - ernie macmillan
part of dorrito's every flavour mood beans. hey, i'm surprised too.

Ernie always has a theory. He collects and rearranges pieces of the puzzle, runs ideas past Hannah, looks for connections and listens for the gasps. They tell him when he's hit on something so strange and horrible it must be true.

He's nothing if not flexible, though. The best theorists are open to change, and the best Hufflepuffs gladly apologize when evidence turns the other way. He's been wrong about Harry Potter before, and now he picks his side and hopes he's right. He has hours of revising ahead and DA skills to master. The time for apologies has passed.
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hey! i wrote fic! in a fandom none of you people friended me for. oops. but. september when it comes, lena/annik-ish, sisterhood of the traveling pants. whee.

(personally, i think wrote better stuff in previous years. for [ profile] femslash04 i wrote "missives", a ghost world story, and for [ profile] femslash05 i wrote "as long as trees are skying", vignettes in anne of green gables, firefly, harry potter, and btvs/ats.)
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Title: All She Knew
Author: [ profile] marginalia
Archive: .: marginalia :.
Fandom & characters: HP, Helga Hufflepuff, Pomona Sprout, Hannah Abbott
Notes: Begun as a pinch hit for [ profile] thelastgoodname in [ profile] jennyo's Female Gen Ficathon, but the original writer came through after all. Such is life. Took my time, finished, and there you have it. Thanks as always to Steph, and in particular to Melinda, my personal favorite 'Puff. Request was for any Hufflepuff. Here, have three. Exactly 1000 words.

the thing itself and not the myth )
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(reposting because i am anal about my lj memories. when the fucking feature is available.)

Title: From Winter's Sleep To Start
Author: [ profile] marginalia
Fandom & Pairing: A Knight's Tale, William/Edward, the Black Prince.
Archive: .: marginalia: fiction archive :., yuletide treasure.
Warnings: RPS. *falls over laughing*
Notes: For [ profile] yuletide. Yet again a year where I only knew one of the fandoms, and of course it was a fandom -and- a character I threw in on a lark. Now I know better. Thanks to [ profile] starfishchick as always for the beta and the love. Any and all remaining issues, mistakes, and abrupt endings are mine and mine alone. Title from Chaucer, cut text from "The Romance of the Rose".

The poet dreams a dream … dreams are oft times true )
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Can't Fight This Feeling: The Power Ballad Slash Ficathon
Master List

[ profile] anidada wrote love bites, spike/angel (btvs/ats)
[ profile] carlanime wrote is this love?, erik/raoul (phantom of the opera)
[ profile] furiosity wrote nothing else matters, harry/draco (hp)
[ profile] gmajor wrote how deep does it go, beka valentine/trance gemini (andromeda)
[ profile] twoweevils wrote dust in the wind, mckay/sheppard (sga)
[ profile] twoweevils wrote wayward son, gibbs/dinozzo (ncis)
[ profile] voleuse wrote one more peaceful day, mark/daniel, mark/bridget (bridget jones's diary)

comment with links! and we'll just pretend that mine is listed there. *shifty eyes*
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you've been threatened with it for Some Time Now and so let's just get it over with, eh?

[ profile] starfishchick & [ profile] marginalia present:

Can't Fight This Feeling: The Power Ballad Slash Ficathon

(aka the least organized ficathon ever) here's all the stuff you need to know:
  • minimum word count is 750. will we come beat you up if it's shorter? probably not. we're too lazy.
  • the due date is *closes eyes and pokes calendar* november 5th. i'll post a master list then, but if you're -dying- to post early i certainly won't stop you.
  • more than one person can claim the same song, because neither of us are organized enough to keep track anyway.
  • and what you've all been waiting for . . .the songs! some suggestions in comments here or pick one of vh1's top 25. of course, this is just a starting point. if you have a beloved power ballad that we've left out, by god, tell us & use it!

still here? sign up in the comments like this:
  • lj name/penname (so we know it's not just us)
  • fandom (not carved in stone)
  • chosen song (or tell us if you would like one assigned)

yay :)
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for better or worse, i finally finished the one-line fics, except for [ profile] coquere's request, which is showing signs of morphing into her (terribly late) birthday fic. my favorites were the remus/sirius and the buddy/duck, both of which i may have to revisit. and this one turned into an actual drabble, reposted here for archiving-purposes and without obligation.

[igluvigaq] - rayk/fraser

silly little igloo drabble )
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i am Not Here. but i did finish this a few days ago, and i can't pass up the chance to post it. *flails at wifi* also, omg i need a steve icon.

title: new york renaissance
characters: steve & danny. or steve/danny. it's up to you.
fandoms: sex and the city, sports night
notes: by request for [ profile] shinyredtype's birthday, prompts were a bottle of gin and a mechanical bull. pre-canon in a way that should be obvious. (for the chronologically anal, sn began 9/98 and satc began 6/98, but steve didn't show up until mid season 2.) this isn't quite what i thought it would be, so i hope you still like it :) written offline.

just over 500 words )
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[secrets for calm] - bernard/manny
yes, "black books" with a drop of the long-past everyday heroes challenge. by request for [ profile] art_geek's birthday, so if it makes her laugh at all my work here is done. title, cut text, and randomly-selected header bits all from (what else?) the little book of calm by paul wilson. 3 vaguely related drabbles.

trust your intuition, and you will become calm )

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