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double drabble: [sunshine] - neville/seamus

[sunshine] - neville/seamus, if you squint, and i do.
a year ago i asked for drabble prompts. i never did any of them until today. this one's for [ profile] kiltsandlollies.

Neville had a knack with the Room. Maybe it answered best to one who found it on their own, or perhaps he just had a gift for precise requests. When the Carrows ran out of means to control him, he sought it out again. They couldn't drive him out of Hogwarts; they could only drive him deeper in.

Living in hiding didn't mean living in darkness, and no sooner did he think it but a great grinding came of stone on stone, and a window opened itself out of the far wall, sunshine streaming in on the brightly colored hangings. "That's better," he thought. His needs were filled as soon as he realized them and sometimes before. The Hog's Head passage opened one day, the wireless appeared in the corner the next, and then the Room anticipated him again with a noise at the door.

Seamus stumbled into the Room, righted himself, and turned slowly to take it all in. "I didn't remember," he said. "I was just looking for somewhere safe." He grinned at Neville, who winced at the bruises blooming across Seamus's face and turned quickly to find a cupboard full of medical supplies. "Reckon I found it."

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oh, Jaci. ♥ x forever.

They couldn't drive him out of Hogwarts; they could only drive him deeper in.

That's one of your massive gifts, that last killer sentence in your paragraphs. They make my heart clench a little. And Seamus grins, even bruised, and oh, Jaci. *squeezes*

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Oh, this is just incredible. Neville's so strong here, and the Room sending Seamus to him is adorable.

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I didn't realize how much I'd missed reading your fic until now, when you've been writing again.


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"I was just looking for somewhere safe."



They couldn't drive him out of Hogwarts; they could only drive him deeper in.

This. Is awesome. Oh, Neville. *heart*

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Sigh. Just SIGH. As always, you [and Neville] are made of awesome.
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love the sunshine, that's a delight
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Very nice.

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