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Ficlet: I am one such dream - Ando/(Hiro)

[I am one such dream] - Ando/(Hiro)
:: PG. It wrote itself. Aw man, remember when I said I wasn't fannish about this show? So much for that.

Hiro leaves him standing at his desk, sword in hand, in the middle of a bright and busy day. People move past him like water around a stone, hardly taking the time for an odd glance let alone a question, and for this he is grateful. What could he say that anyone might believe?

Ando sits, but doesn't put down the sword. He traces the symbol on the handle with his thumb and listens to the white noise of the office, the soft clicks of typing, murmured conversations, phones ringing. The Ando who used to sit in this chair, who used to type and talk and move paper around the desk is a stranger to him now, a man with fears and desires he doesn't understand anymore. He was frightened of things that didn't matter, wanting what he had been told he needed. The world is so much bigger than he thought, and the things he needs are in some ways both closer and farther away.

The light through the windows fades, as do the voices, as the work day comes to a close. The janitors move methodically through the floor, dumping trash and vacuuming to the rhythm of tinny music from tiny radios. They take no notice of him. There is always someone working late.

He never seriously considers going home. Hiro made a promise and Ando believes him. He has the sword and Hiro's word, and he doesn't doubt. They've changed the future already, a fact made evident by every breath he takes, and all he can do now is wait. He's waited for Hiro in Texas and Las Vegas and now he will do it here. To leave would imply a loss of faith. It is impossible.

When morning comes, he flicks on his computer and works his way through news sites. He reads about a light in the sky over New York, the murder of Linderman, and the disappearance of Nathan Petrelli. He sees nothing of Hiro, and Ando knows how fast he can do his little trick. Faster than Sylar, faster than anybody. He'll come back.

Ando holds the sword and waits.

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Okay. Okay. So I was thinking last night about Ando and how on earth it is he supposed to just BE at work, in that office like nothing ever happened. How on earth he is supposed to pretend life is normal. And this, THIS plays it all out for me EXACTLY as it must happen.

This is just SPOT ON.


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-exactly!- i thought of it last night, but was so distracted by all of the AWESOME that i didn't really -consider- it until the bus home tonight. and then i felt like i had been punched in the stomach. oh, -ando-!

thank you :)

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You? Not fannish about this show? Heeeee.

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i wasn't! initially!

i figured out when it changed. three words: ando. security guard.

thank you :)

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Oh, Ando. Poor, patient, faithful Ando. I ♥ you!

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thank you!

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Perfect, perfect. Dear lost Ando at work. This is great.

I am going to take the image of Ando's thumb on that sword. Dirrty!

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yeah, i thought about that too, but that story is not this story. but it -should- be a story. mmmm.

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So sweet. Hiro better not keep Ando wating long dammit.

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-seriously-. thank you!

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Wah! Adorable! Poor Ando, though :(

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thank you :)
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It's so fascinating to read someone else's take on this - as my Waiting ( is yet another variant! I enjoyed this immensely; have you run across any others dealing with this particular moment in time? I'd love to pull together a little collection of sorts, to see how others are processing Ando's aftermath, too.
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Not that this is entirely relevant, but a glance at your info page just let me put two and two together. I didn't realize that it's your lurking journal that's been watching my fic journal for a while now, but it explains why 'marginalia' seemed so familiar to begin with. The lightbulb flickers :)

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oh, probably! i haven't read on that journal for years now, which is clearly a poor move on my part. darn real life getting in the way of fandom.
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Don't worry about it. It was sort of neat to see that you weren't a total stranger, as it were - I'm always fascinated when people pop up again a few years/fandoms later in another context :)

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i haven't read any yet! i haven't had time since i finally found the community. my flist is all about the petrellis. sigh. i will have to check it out.

thank you :)
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And my flist is largely about Sylar, although it's slowly been gathering H/A folks. I haven't seen any pieces dealing with this except for ours, either. I'm sure more will come along, though, as it's a bit difficult just to leave Ando standing there - it's a pretty awkward place in which to leave him!

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This.was.perfect. And um, that's pretty much all I can say right now. Really good. ♥ these two.
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Awwww, Ando. That's a perfect tag for him. (Now, psst, Hiro, go back and get him!)

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YAY HANDO!!! Ugh, they are super best friends forever. This was wonderful. You do a great job with Ando!

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last episode made me like ando a lot more.

i like you.